Being a Blogger #6: SEO.

When i started with the blog i had no idea what SEO was and meant. I thought it was only one of those high-teck english names used only by web-designer or those who wokr everytime with computers. Then i realised what it really was and i felt so ignorant. Do you know what the SEO is? Well, you should if you want to create an opportunity to shine!

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The Perfecr relationship: THE First Date!

When you are single and you want to start a new relationship, you start to find the right person to start something important with. You can use all the method you want, howevery it will come the point where you will have to hang out with that person for the first time…and we all know how the world thinks about the first date. Those are my two question: “is the first date so important?” and “how does the perfect first date might look like?”

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Work from HOME: pain or gain?

Apart from Covid-19 pandemic that forces people to stay home, i am wondering, if working from home might be the future of working or only something we do in case of emergency, no matter what kind of emergency might be. Because now lot of us is forced to work from home, but it can be a possible way to change the way we thing of jobs?

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The “perfect” Job Interview!

In this world we need to things: money and health. First money, then health…because without money, health is in some country very hard to achieve. And to make money either you find a job or you invent one. Just take the case you want regular job. If you want one, you have to get through the job interview, a very intense, nonsense and weird moment everybody is afraid of. But how to have the perfect interview?

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Being a Blogger #5: Haters.

The goal of a blogger is to communicate and connect with others. The more people you can reach, the better will be your eperience and your journey. However not all the people you will reach will appreciate you. There will be those who will read, but they will criticize you and there will be another kind of people: the haters! My question is: are they so bad?

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Italian Sauces #1: Carbonara

Italian food is very loved in the entire world. You can live wherever you want, you have heard of Pasta and Pizza at least once in your life. No matter if you have ever eaten italian food, you have for sure heard from it. The problem is that when people outside Italy try to replicate what we in Italy do usually, because they have no idea how to. One of the most replicated sauses is THE CARBONARA. Here i tell you how it’s done, because i am sick to see some catastrophies.

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What if #1: What if Jesus was never born?

This world is exactly what it is right now, because some specific events happened. But what if those events never happened? How the world micht be? I love this kind of question and today i would love to see how the world might look like is Jesus never born.

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The “Superheroes”: Medical Researcher

In thr 21st Century we can say that we are able to fight and win against most of the known viruses and bacteries in the entire world. Of course there is still things to do, but in most of the countries in this world we can live a healthy life. But why is that? Because there were and are heroes in this world!

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