The “Influencer” Chiara Ferragni.

I know that this headline sound a little too obvious, but i can’t actually better describe THE BEST INFLUENCER on Instagram…because the number of followers is not everything on business, what’s important is how they interact and parteciate. But who in the hell is CHiara Ferragni?

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2nd Milestone: 100 Likes!

One hundred likes…It’s not that bad after all, let me tell you. I’m not making a bad job after all. When i started my blog two weeks ago i was sure that right now i would have been still completely alone and i would have written only for myself. It’s still like that (i mean, i’m not the biggest blog of all time), because i don’t have a huge fanbase, but once in a while someone comes here, read what i have to say and they left a like. And it’s not bat at all!

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Vintage #1: The “Money Machine” Record!

Everything we use daily come from something in the past: bycicle, airplanes, smartphone, computer and i can continue all day long. The way music is right now spreaded is anything different. Now we have spotify, iTunes, Youtube Music, but everything started from something outside internet: the the old and dear Records. Without it, i am sure music would not be so successful as it is right now. Let’s celebrate it!

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What does being a man mean?

Uhm… things are about to get funny and interesting…for me. I’m a man, i’m not a woman, so i know things…and if you are a woman you won’t like what i am going to say at all. This post will be pretty funny if you have a penis between your legs, very sad and annoying for the rest of the world.

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The perfect Relationship #3: The first Kiss

The first date is gone, it went well, and you keep meeting him or her over and over again. You have a wonderful time and something in you starts to grow…and it’s not what you re thinking, you little perv! I am talking about your feeling for the person you have been meeting: you want him or her and you want to share your emotion with one move…a kiss. But how? How to kiss someone without destroyin the good vibes?

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Are Social Media that bad?

In the 90s internet was something common, but very slow. I was there and i remember that. If we had to surf in internet, no one could call us. Aliens could invade the world and you didn’t know it. Then, in the early 2000, due to improved internet speed, new site came alive, new forums were created to discuss about everything, and the first social media like Youtube and Facebook were introduced to the world. Since that moment, the world changed forever. But what if no one thought about it?

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Being a Blogger #8: Schedule

Have a schedule…something i should do myself too, but i am too lazy to do think about it. However, don’t as stupid as i am, and make sure to think about it since day one. Don’t do the mistake to assume to publish whenever you want, because you will fail! Please, listen to me!

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Fashion #4: The Angelic and Demoniac Female Underwear.

I love clothes. I love even more having much money to spend in shopping. However the choice of male clothes is pretty limited and it’s even more limited whe we talk about underwear: either boxes or slips. Another story is for women: they are spoiled for choice. But for some clothes, women pays both the beauty, but also they pay for pain. And underwear is a perfect example. Why?

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