I Love You!

I Love you…How amazing is it to hear those three words…especially if you have strong feeling for the person who is letting speaking the heart in front of your eyes. I personall would be so happy and my heart would melt like snow under the sun. However, after those wonderful moments are gone, fear starts to dominate my brain and the following question will pop up in my minds: and now? what’s next? Let me explain you!

I have a very weird mind that works not exactly as a normal brain. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not. In this specific care it doesn’t work too good, let me tell you. If my hypothetical girlfriend told me “i love you”, i would happy for the rest of the day, but when the emotion will be gone, my mind would start to think: and now? wha’s you gonna do, brother? In that specific moment i would start to panic and Mexico would start to be a very intersting place to run away. Why? Because i love the word itself, what comes with it not so much.

Do we want to start talking about honesty? Being honest is a great thing, but how hard it is to be honest with someone? In a healty relationship honest must be a priority, and it should be, but do you have any idea how hard it is to open your heart, mind and soul to someone else outseide our family? Someone thinks the excitement of those moment are the pinnacle of love, i find those moment very intense…and not in a good way. I would be so freaking scared to trust someone else. Maybe it’s because i am alone for too long, i don’t know…but being completely honest to someone else outside my family is one of the scariest thing i can think of…even scarier than seeing Italy not going to the World Cup. And that’s not the worst part.

Be there for the other is another problem of mine, maybe even bigger than being honest. This is something that we said often, but almost none of us is able to keep that promise for the long term. Too much thing that may force us to break it…because it’s a promise we are talking about. Between family, work, hobbies and friends and randoms daily problems the time to spend with the other person it’s not so much and often you have to decide between your partner and one of those things. In nornal cases, your partner should have the priority, but what if it’s not? Well, in this case, it’s not love, you might say, and you might be right, which brings me to the next problem i have.

Compromises! In a relationship you must always give up something. The life as a singel it’s impossible once you have another person in your life. As i said earlier, we only have 24 hours and if we use 20 of them for ourselves, because we don’t want to give up on ourselves, the partner will be forgotten…or just another thing in your live, but not the priority that should be. I personally find very hard to give up on something i love to do for another person, even if the other person is a potential naked woman with wide open leg. I’m sorry, but giving up on something you love to do is just giving up something of you. I am not quite sure to be ready to do that for another person. This person must be very special and i will do it only with a huge smile on my face…and that the point.

For me “i love you” it’s just the beginning of a part of my live where i do things with a huge smile on my face, even giving up on something, knowing that the person i am doing this “sacrifices” is worthy of this sacrifices! Until now, i have not found that person and i am not sure if she’s alive.

When i will find a person who will help me to give up on part of my life with joy and happiness, will help me to open my heart and when i will find a person i will think of every second of my life, it means that she’s the one. This is LOVE for me!

What’s your idea of LOVE?

See ya


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