Welcome Everybody!

And here i am…again. I don’t even know how many times i have tried to make this devil things work. I have failed every single time. Probably i am too lazy to get the job done or maybe i don’t have so much talent in telling stories, but it seems that being a blogger, or just a random guy with some thoughts in is mind, be a huge task for me.

But this time will be different…like i said all the other previous attempts. No, this time will be different. Why? Well, because this time i don’t care about money. This is the biggest problem that forced me to fail, spectacularly by the way. I always started with the thought in mind to make this a huge trap for minds and wallets: once you get here, you should not be able to leave. Which brings the effect that more click are equal more money from the advertising. Then i realised that i needed too much time and effeort, something i don’t have in large quantity, to make things work and very soon i closed everything, forcing me to thing another way to make money. But this time it’s not about money, but just fun…even if i have only one follower!

I don’t like failures. I really don’t. I even like less to leave unfinished business along the way. So here i am, trying this time to make something amazing happen and say to my lazy ass that it’s time to make something with all the thoughts in mind and stop watching those videos with too much body and too less clothes on them.

I don’t know where i am going. I don’t want to know. But i am sure that somewhere i will go…i just hope not straight up to another failure…that would be bad.

Oh, right…i should say something about me…you know what? I will tell you something when we reach 100 followers…so, i thing that you will know something about me in 10 years…or maybe not. It depends on you!

See ya!


The Ironically All-Rounder
I'm pretty sure to know everything. If thre's nothing i don't know. be free to tell me!

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