Can we Love Ourselves before everything?

“Love yourself” is something that we say pretty often…maybe too much. Between TV Shows, Celebrities Interwiews, Social Media and even between our friends the times we say “you know, we need to start to love ourselves!” are countless. Even if it’s a wonderful thought, i personally don’t know how to do that! Because Loving ourselves is easier said than done. And we are not the problem!

The problem is money. It sounds pretty weird, but it’s true. We can’t love ourselves as we should as long as we need money to live. Don’t you believe me? Well, read my thoughts and then tell me if i’m wrong.

Let’s start to analyse the way we usually live. In a day there are 24 hours. We spend 10 of them to sleep, 8 to work, 1 to get to work and another one to come back home and 2 hours between breakfast, lunch and dinner. If i am good in mathematic, we use 22 hours of our lives to work, because if you don’t sleep and eat properly you are not good enough for your job and often the workplace is far away from the place we live. Theoretically we have 2 hours a day to dedicate to ourselves, but there’s only one question: are you sure to be in the mood to do that?

Working is a huge effort. It’s an energy and time consuming activity and often after a day at work we are completely drained and when we get home we just want to do anything, just sitting on the couch watching tv, but it’s maybe impossible, because we have to go to the supermartk or we have some appointment that will use the potencial free time we might have. Which makes us tired, stressed, sad, maybe depressed and we will come to a point where we can’t live this life anymore. And this life is for a single…i don’t even think how much harder might be when we are parents.

Can you tell me where we should find the time to love ourselves? Because we don’t have the time we need to do that. For rich people it’s easy to say that we must love ourselves, because the have all day free, because money is the only thing they have plenty of it. Since we, normal people, don’t have money in a huge quantity, we have to destroy ourselves to just to survive in this freaking crazy world.

Do you really want to love ourselves? It’s not impossible, but for sure a “normal job” is not what you need. We still need money, but in this world the way to make money are a lot. You have to think of a plan where you are in middle of your focus and everything has to turn around you: job, hobbies, love, family if you want one. And the first step is being alone for a while. To reall love yourself you have to face the fact that you have to listen to your soul, mind and heart to understand what you what…and you can’t do that in a place where there is too much noise around you. Once you figure out what you want, then you have to start to creat around you your own world, bringing in what you want in it and cutting out what you don’t need anymore. It’s a long process, sometimes painful, but it will be the best journey of your life.

It won’t be easy, but what scarier: destroying yourself for lot of money and no time to enjoy them or making less money but being happy? It’s your choice!

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