Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word!

In a relationship, in a family or with friends we try everything we can to make sure that everthing is fine and we can live our lives with a huge smile on our faces. However, no matter how hard we try, it will come the moment where we do something wrong. It’s life and something like that happens. The question is: what do you want to do about it? Because you have two choices and both are pretty complicated.

The first choice you have is just to do absolutely nothing, just ignore the fact that you did something wrong and someone else is also paying the price. Ignoring and run away is by far the easiest way to deal with problems. The only thing you have to do is pretending that nothing happended and you must just wait that everything will be forgotten. And it will be forgotten…right? Well, hell no! From the outside everything seems to be “forgotten”, because the problem is no more a “trending topic”, however it will be stuck in the other’s mind forever and it will be an unexploded bomb under your butt. As soon as you make another mistake, you will have to deal with two problem: the new one and the unsolved one. And the more “unsolved problems” there are between two people, the bigger will be the “explosion” of that bomb. There are a chance that you can live running away from the problems and you wil never see the bomb explodes, but the more mistakes you make and the more you don’t want to deal with them, the more alone you will be, because you are not mature enough to say the only word that can save your life: SORRY.

Blue and Elton John sang it many years ago in one of my favorite song: “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”. And it is a very hard word to say, because to get to the point to say it you have to process things.

First you have to realise that you make a mistake and even here it’s not an easy task, because sometimes we don’t even think we made a mistake because we don’t even think that what we just did is a mistake. There’s only one problem: what for us might be something right, for other might be very wrong and hurtful. Think about humor: some jokes might be good for you, but very hurtful and humiliating for others. The same happens in a relationship: you can say or do something that for you is “funny” or right, but for your partner might be painful for millions reasons. Could this moment might be avoided? Yes, if you know who you are talking with. Which means that you have to know well your family, your partner or your friends before to do or say anything stupid. But even that it’s not enough, because we change and what it was good in the past, might not be good anymore. Basically, it’s our destiny to make mistakes.

The key is to learn from the mistakes, address them and find a solution. Nothing more, nothing less. Once you have to understand you make a mistake, someone esle’s feelings and if something is wrong, you need to talk straight away and say a sincere “I’m SORRY!”. I’m not saying that it’s an easy moment, because maybe the other will be very angry or disappointed in you, you will listend to very hurtful thing you don’t want to heat and you have to swallow your proud for a moment, but at least you know the other side of the story and you have showed interest and the will to solve the problem. Then you have to show that you have learned the lesson and you want to be better (because words without fact are just empty words) and once you did, everything will be fine again and you have grown a little bit. Time right now is not your problem. Be patient and work hard to prove your will to the person you hurt. Trust me, the other will see your effort to be better.

But sometimes eve that it’s not enough. Think about cheating. No matter how sincere will be your apologize, not everyone is ready to forgive. Maybe you will be forgiven, but your partner will never forget…and it will be a huge bomb under your butt, even if you tried to destroy it. However, if you don’t say sorry in the first place, you can’t move thing forwars and life might me miserable forever. Ok, no one should cheat in the first place, but if it happens, better face the problem and move on than ignore it, am i right?

Maybe it’s true: sorry is for real the hardest word to say and to hear. But, in my opinion, it’s even harder not to say it and live with people who are hurted and disappointed in you. That look in their eyes will be just painful for my heart. Better face the consequences than wait for the disaster.

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