Take care of your Body!

Being mentally and emotionally healthy is very important in our lives. No one wants to live in a life where stress, pain, suffer and negative thoughts dominate ourselves. However this is not the only thing we should focus on, because healthy brain is good, but also having a good relationship with the body is also important. Being happy with its own body is something very hard to accomplished.

I’m not talking about being fit or having a perfect bodyshape. Nope. I am talking about to wake up every morning and being confortable with what you see in the mirror. Maybe man are not so worried about it, maybe they are but they don’t want to show it, but women are pretty worried about their body and bodyshaming in the female part of the world is a pretty huge problem.

How can you reach this kind of appreciation for your body?

Well, i don’t know. Every person is different and every place in this world is different. Even in the same country there are differences of thought between cities. Which means that if i say something that may work where i live, maybe it’s useless in another country. The main problem, however, seems to be the judgement. We are scared or worried about other’s people opinion and it’s undestandable worries: the only thing we want is to live a decent life in public without any kind of trouble. Which means that we don’t want any kind of problem with anyone. So, i don’t know if consciunsly or not, we try somehow to please the other around us to avoid troubles and live a normal life. Is this a good way to live? No, but it’s also important not to be cut out from the world because they don’t accept us. We want to have friends, a good atmosphere at work, maybe a decent stable relationship and all those people have an expectation. They always want to see what they like and they want to be with people they like, first phisically, then mentally.

In this very moment starts this little sick game of trying to be how the other want us to be. So, we lose or gain weight (most of the time we lose weight…a lot sometimes) we go to the gym, we even go under surgery to close the gap between us the other’s expectation. This is a sick game where too much is never enough. There will always be something “wrong” with your body, but one day you will realise that there’s nothing more to change, because every single part of your body has been already changed. In this moment, can you tell me what you are going to do? Because you are stucked and you are still not enough. And here we are reading about the next victim in the newspaper.

Is it worthy the effort to “win” in this sick game? The answer should be “no, it’s not!”, but i observe the situation from the outside and it’s too easy for me to “judge”, but i don’t really know what’s inside people’s mind. The only thing you can do is to say “you know what? I’m sick of it! I am who i am and if you don’t like it, just leave!” We don’t need people around us who tell us to change something in our body: this is mean, rude and absolutely disrespectful. Better be alone that surrounded by sick relatiosnhips. You don’t need to go to the gym or do something extreme. What you need is to start that process which will bring you to the point where you will love every single cell in your body. It’s a long process, some days will be amazing, other days painful, maybe you will think that all of that hard work will bring you anywhere. The harder the journey, the more amazing will be the end. Work hard on your mind and don’t listen to the other. On the other side, people need to start to accept people for what they are, try their best to make them feel confortable mentally and physically and to be there if those people ask for some help, when they need it.

And we should stop to set some standard that we have to follow to be accepted, first because treating every person like they are all the same is wrong, second because it’s very unfair forcing someone to do anything, third because it’s just stupid and fourth because the standard are so high that people suffer and die to reach them.

Accept people because they look different and they are unique instead of forcing them to become what you want. Be a mature person!

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