Take care of your Mind!

Our mind is the most fascinating and complicated part of our body. It controls our body and without it we are dead. So, it’s crucial to take care of it since day one throughout our entire life. There’s only one problem: it’s the hardest thing to do. Why? Because too often it’s an impossible task.

I’m not an expert, i don’t want to look like one, and my thoughts are not something you should use as an “expert’s opinion”. If you really need help, talk with real expert and with those who can really help you…finding your solution here on internet is not the way to cure yourself. It might be a first step maybe, even if i am not completely sure about it, but for sure not the solution.

Menthal Health is a very important aspect in out lives. We talk about it, we write about it, but sometimes we don’t really get how important it is and how much easily and often we can get mentally sick. The worst and scariest part on mental health is that often we can’t do anything to avoid it.

In my opinion, the biggest problem is the world we live in. I am not talking about the entire world, of course, but our own world. The world that every single day we face. For lot of us the world is pretty cool, maybe might be better, but for some of us is a trap with apparently no escape. Can you imagine how terrifying might be living in a world where there’s no way out? Freaking awful, but this is the problem for some of us. They wake up and they are forced to live in a living nightmare. And the worst part is that these nightmares is “the only choice we have” and they sadly started as a wonderful dream.

You are young and you have everything you have dreamed of: maybe you reached the position you wanted in your company, maybe your complete your list of thing to do in life, maybe you have your own wonderful family around you. And then something happens: maybe you get fired or you become unable to work, maybe you have never thought about other goal than that list or maybe you get divorced, kids get sick any other bad things may happen in a family. All of a sudden what was a dream becomes a nightmare…a nightmare you have to live, because you have no other choice…or maybe not.

You know, if there’s no way out, just create one. I know that sounds pretty naive, but this is the key: there’s no unbreakable walls. The only problem is the strenght we need to break it. For some walls you need just to blow against it, for others you need a Nuclear bomb, but the fact is that every single wall can be broken. If you can’t do it alone, you need some help. This is the other key factor. Almost none of us is capable of breaking that wall alone. We always need some help. It can be the family, a friend, a collegue or a doctor. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter where the help come from, the important is that you will have enough strenght to take that damn wall down. Sadly often we don’t ask for help. Maybe we are afraid to look weak or maybe we don’t want to share some very intime problems or we just don’t know how to. Let me tell you something: there’s no weakness in asking for some help, there must not be embarassement in opening your soul to someone else and out there people learn to help someone in dufficulties like you. There’s nothing more courage and amazing to ask for help when you need it.

And after that?

Well, after that there’s nothing…only a huge empty space. The question is not how big that space is, but what you want do with it. This is your chance to re-write your life and escape from that black hole that was trying to suck in it.

Is it simple? No, because that black hole might be pretty black, pretty huge, pretty powerful. Is it worthy the pain? Yes, because the alternative might be pretty bad. The question is: are you ready to get through it, no matter how much that cost? You have only one life and one brain. Once you screwed both, there’s no turning back…as long as you have your hands on the steering wheel you can still turn and avoid an incident.

See ya.


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