Fashion #1: Bikini


Since i don’t care about money or anything else, this blog is a huge opportunity to say whatever i want to say and given that my mind works in a very weird way, i decided to open a new something (i have no idea how to call it): talk about women from a male point of view. will you like it or not? Only time wll tell. For now, just let me talk about something i love: bikini!

This is the ultimate proof that humanity can create something amazing and evil at the same time. Like all the female clothes, bikini is made to put female beauty on a complete another level. In summer women are alredy absolutely gorgeous with sundresses and shirt clothes, but with bikini beauty reaches a completey another level of amazing.

From a man’s prospective, i love women with clothes on and lot of skin exposed. What can i say? I just like that. Walking on the street seeing all that quantity of glat skin exposed puts a huge smile on my face. And like me all the men out there love and adore that. We love even more women walking on the seaside during a hot, humid and very wonderful summer day…and if a man loves also feet, then this man reaches the nirvana eveery single day.

It’s absolutely a bless to see all those legs walking in front of my happy eyes, all those breasts covered just enoguh not to be considered “illegal or immoral”, but offering tons of cues to think of, and all those wet skin that with the hot sun offer that kinda of super sexy view.

It’s something i just want to share with you. Probably i will sound like a pervert, but i don’t care! It’s amazing to realised that you give a woman a reason to be comfortable with her body, feel pretty and cute and she will do the rest of the job for us, jusst because she’s proud of who she is. The only thing a man has to do is just be kind, nice and then sit there and enjoy the show women are offering for free, without even try to be attractive, but they are in bikinis without doing absolutely nothing particular to look sexy.

However even if bikini are the closest think to heaven on Earth and even if bikini allows women to move freely when they are at the beach or in the swimming pool, it’s also a clothes crete to torture men’s eyes. Bikini covers exactly what we men wants to see the most. Yes, the butts are exposed and we can admire them in all their glory, i get that and i should be happy just for that,, but there are also two other part we want to see an those covered part are the most amazing thing in the entire nature and not being able to witness the glorious women’s qualities pisses us off a little bit. I know that this kind of “see, i don’t see” game is very sexy and funny, but not able to admire the perfection of a woman’s body entirely is kinda torturing.

Anyways, i need to thank the one person (man or woman) who in the Ancient Rome decided that women needed freedom in their movements. It’s crazy thoug: all the most amazing thing were created or invented when the Vatican was not involved.

Damn, i just love summer!

See ya


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