Is She Beautiful?

In this world there are, in my opinion, two kind of women: those who hate what they see in the mirror and those, who accept what they see. Who accept their body, often have a years-long-journey of acceptation of themselves. So, basically all the women around the world will hate what they see some point in their lives. Do they need to do that?

Absolutely not, but this world is horrible for women. Men, and especially other women, love to use what they don’t like to see in the other as a line of attack against other women. It can be the entire body, or just a part of it, like feet, legs, butt, breast, fingernail, of part of the face. There’s always something the world doesn’t like and it has to say to the poor victim.

I don’t want to address it if right or wrong, because i think we all know the answer to that question, but i want to find an answer of the following questions: why? I mean, why do people have to hurt women? Why don’t women like what they see in the mirror?

I’m not going to say that every woman is beautiful and perfect, because it would be a lie: like every single person in this world, i have my personal ideas of woman’s beauty and perfection and lot of the women don’t match my expectation. And the same happens to women when they look at me: for some of them i am nice, for others i am not. There’s nothing wrong with it and we have to accept that. But neither me or the women involved with me starts a campaign against the other. We know that and we live with it.

However, i see especially in internet, that bodyshaming, but insults in general, are a pretty usual thing to witness and men are especially involved in the role of the carnage. Do women sometimes find a man horrible? Yes, they do. There’s only one big different: women don’t insult a oversized man or a man with visible “physical problem”, but a man do. A man is always ready, like it was a fun game to do, to point out that specific physical imperfection in a woman’s body.

Although i write thing until that moment, the questions still remain though: why do men love to make women feel miserable?

I can for sure answer that question: men are still cave-men. Even if we are now well-dressed, or we pretend to be a little more emphatic, inside we are still that hairy and stinky cave-men who see women as an object for personal pleasure for the eyes and for the body. And just because it’s all about aesthetics end excitement, women must be perfect to turn on the little cave-man inside every men…sadly the perfection I’m talking about it is the one you can see in those movies in internet…if you know what i mean. The big problem is that kind of beauty is first completely fake and second just impossible to achieve for any woman. And women play that little perverted game. So, they go to the gym, under surgery or, even worse, they start to doubt about their body.

Women hate their body because men don’t do anything to repsect women’s menthal health and to make them feel comfortable in their skin. Women are very complicated being and they already create sometimes problems, where there’s no problem, and if men put more useless pressure on them, no surprise that they get sad, depressed and so not ready to get naked easily.

I’m not saying that now men and women have to love every single person in this planet. It’s not what i am trying to say. The thing we have to stop doing judging (especially on social media) waht we don’t like what they see. We have no idea how this person will react about that words and, you like it o not, it’s our responsability to make other happy, or at least comfortable in their own skin…and stop judging the other is a great way to make this world a little bit better.

It’s easy, trust me. Instead of keep playing this stupid game, we should start to find another hobby, like reading a book, or playing videogames!

What do you think?

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