The “Superheroes”: Doctors

Even more than Teacher, there is another category of people who are actually more important for the entire world. As you maybe have already read for the title, i want to pay a little tribute for those who really make sure humanity can live longer and healty: Doctors.

Doctors in my opinion are not only superheroes, but Gods. I mean, how can you describe someone who is able to save lives and protect us for illnesses? A God. That’s what they are: freaking superhuman overseers. You can think of them like Gozilla in the remake of 2014: they observe the world from the shadow in good times, but they are ready to sacrifice their life to save us and then, when it’s all over, they come back in the same shadow humbly, knowing to have done something great. I mean, is there any more noble profession in the world? No, i don’t think so!

They are the only reason why there’s still a humanity. In all the wars throughout history they were there to save as much lives as possible, while dickheads in power were used to commit genocides just to solve problem, killing more people than the doctor were able to cure. It’s only because on them if we are now seven billions, not only 4, and we are growing like a cancer on this planet. If in the past doctors were not so good, making a favour to the planet, now they are working too good, allowing us, the biggest problem on this planet, to live longer just to destroy completely the Earth.

But i know it’s not their fault. The only thing they do is to preserve life, saving people from dying due to diseases all over the world, even in places were nobody wants them there. Doctors Without Borders are the perfect example of how superheroes they really are: they fight and save lives no matter what. Doctors don’t ask for fame or celebrity. The only think they ask is to exercise their job with the morally and, more important, financially support of the world …a world that doesn’t really want to hear those voices, because if it did, it wouldn’t spend trillions of dollars each year to find new fun and creepy ways to give the doctor a reason to work. But I know that weapons are more profitable than a vaccine… am I right? It’s funny because doctors are sometimes ignored when they warn pr just talk, and lot of country cut the budget because considered useless waste of money, but in 2020 and 2021 the same “useless” doctors became crucial in saving many heads around the world.

I don’t want to sound too naive, maybe i am, but in six month and with the right amount of money, doctors and researchers have developed more than one vaccine to fight a pandemic. Do you have any idea how long normally takes a process like this? Years, sometimes decades…and they did in few months. They really are superheroes and they will save humanity, no matter how bad they are treated or how less they are respected. They will always be there for us.

We should be grateful we live in a moment in our history where we are able to survive to almost every disease. We could actually live without being sick or we could fight EVERY illness, if only we stop to give money to the “death industry” and start to invest those money on the “life industry”.

Thank you doctor for everything you do! You are simply amazing!

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