The “superheroes”: teachers!

When you get old, you start to see things differently. Not only you become wiser, or you should, but also your mind works differently, bringing up to the light some detail that for you in the past were hidden in the blind side of your brain. In this specific case, this little detail is to realise how amazing my teachers really were. They were like superheores!

And i really think that and i really convinced of it! They are one of the pillars for our entire civilization, because they are those who transmit culture and knowledge to the next generation. If we know what we know is thanks to the one who discover new things and those who explain and teach the children about it.

When i was at school i didn’t like teachers. I didn’t hate them either, but i thought they were just another figures of control. So, i didn’t have to much interest in listening to them and, more than that, they didn’t give me a reason to really put some effort to have some results. Yes, i was one of those kids and teenager who needed a reason to be good. Not all of us born in the same way with the goal tto achieve the perfection, i was born with a pretty lazy brain that needs a reason to improve. And i am sure i am not the only one.

Until last year i never thought about teachers in a different way i was used to. Why last year? Well, because i move into another country and in 2017 at the age of 25 i had to go back to school for three long years. Here, where i live now, it’s not so unusual, but for Italy going back to school (not a Univeristy, but a real school with other teenagers) is unthinkable. In those days, i saw the whole “educuation” things much different then 10 years ago. Pretty out of nowhere, i started to grow some big respect for those ladies and gentlemen. For the first time in my life i saw what it really meant to be a teacher.

Being a teacher is a huge responsability. You are there, in front of teenager, and you have to teach them all the necessary things to make sure they become young, responsible and wise adults. Every wrong thing you say, it may have a pretty big consequence in the future. In the moment a teenager sits at school they don’t see it, thinking teachers are not exactly the coolest person in the world, but they actually are.

Being a teacher is also a mission. You dedicate your life to make the generation after you something better than yours. Teachers were kids and young too and they learn different things or even less things, not because they were lazy, but because what we know now was not available in those moments in time. And know those now adults want to make sure they help us as much as they can, to make sure we don’t do the same mistakes the previous generation did…like starting two world wars, for example.

However not everything shines is gold. Teachers are sadly a threat, more in some country than in the others. But they are. Any leader doesn’t want a wise polulation, because it’s hard to control it, because a wise population think and analyse the problem maybe better than politics. No leader wants to lose the control he or she just aquired. So, politics makes sure that teacher are payd very few money, with low quality or insufficient equipment without any kind of protection in case of trouble. So, in this situation, those superheroes in front of a blackboard start to lose passion and will to teach, because they don’t feel any kind of appreciation, they are alone and nobody cares.

We should really start to appreciate teacher. They try to make the world a better place. A thank you (and much more money) are appreciated!

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