I Love Autumn


Every season has got its own qualities. Well, maybe you may say that Spring and SumEvery season has got its own qualities. Well, maybe you may say that Spring and Summer are the best part of the year, but also winter and Autumn have something good to offer. If you are not agree, just let me tell you my ideas!

Days are shorter. For lot of you this is a very bad thing, but for me it is amazing. I don’t know, but sitting in front of my window, with a cup of coffee watching the horizon while the sun goes down coloring the sky with those lovely colour, that only the evening can offer, is the best part of the day. I think there’s no other moment in the year where i feel more in peace with my mind, heart an soul.

Talking about colours. Can we talk about the trees? There’s no autumn without falling leaves that colour paths and street with yellow, orange, red and brown. How cool is that! Those colours are just magical and the my heart jump from the happiness. It’s just so cool to see the entire world coloured with another colours than green. Don’t get me wrong, i love green, but for a couple of months yellow and red can be with us leading us into the winter, by far the most magical time of the year.

You can feel romance in the air. I don’t know, maybe i am too romantic, but walking of the street, with the autumn’s colour dominate the scene, while the sun is going down colouring the sky and the clouds with typical evening’s colours, hand to hand with the person i am in love with is simply priceless.

The Cold is maybe something bad…or not? Well, it depends. I thing that there’s time for everything: in summer we have bikinis and very short dresses, and it’s amazing, but there’s time for the body to be covered, change and be ready for the next spring, better than ever. After six months of lot of skin, and short dresses my eyes need a rest for a while. If you, my male friend, think that the fun is all gone, autumn is the season of legging and tight jeans…i mean, no matter what month is, as a man there’s always something to be happy for. Yes, maybe we need a little bit more of imagination to understand how a man or a woman can look naked, but i think that autumn is also there to “force” us to play the game of “waiting and be patient”.

Every season is cool. We only need to see the glass half full.

And you, what do you think about autumn?

See ya


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