World without Money!

Can you imagine that? We will wake up one day and we realised that we don’t need money anymore to live our lives. Can you just imagine how insane everything might be? I do and i will explain you! I’m not saying that the Country you will pay you money, but that money doesn’t exist anymore or they are not important anymore.

We will wake up and we will have the entire day free..actually we will have the entire life free. Every hobby, dream and wish are available from everyone. Everything is possible. But just start from the very beginning.

The first thing i think is that jobs will not be necessary anymore. Now we go to work because it’s the only, and maybe easiest, way to make money. If money are not useful anymore, we will have the opportunity to choose, either to continue to go to work, or you can just stay home and do whatever you want. You can think “i will never choose to go to work!” i now, but there are jobs that are more a mission than a job, like a Doctor or a teacher. You will practice your activity just because you want and like, not because you need it.

And speaking about job, now researcher and doctors struggle to work properly because financially are not in a good position. More than that, every instrument they use is absolutely expencive. But what happen without money? It happens that you can have whatever you want without having financial worries. You need something specific that now costs more than a city? Without money, everything will be free. Maybe you muse wait a little bit, but nothing more than that. And talking about healthcare, you can have medical treatment “for free”. How many people around the world can cure their problem becuse they are poor? Without money anyone will have any medical problem whatsoever. Every treatment, every medication everything you need to live a healthy and happy life is there for you. The only thing you have to do is get there and ask for help.

Education will be free. Think if every child in the world might be able to receive a A+ quality education, something unthinkable in this world. How cool would it be? With all this educated kids, the opportunity to find the solution for our global problem might be easier to find.

Oh, and of course every problem in this world will be solved. No more hungry or thirsty people, no more pollution. We will need a little time to make things works, but in the end global warming will be a bad memory because all the measure we need will not be expensive anymore, the expencive process to deliver water in desertic places will not be a problem anymore and hungry in poor country will be just a memory.

In the today’s world, money is the reason of all the problem in the world: war, disequality, poverty. If you delete the problem from this world, everyting will be fine!

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