Be Always Honest!

During our lives it happens that we face specific moments where we listen to someone and our brain tells us something very specific: “lie my friend, lie! Save you ass and lie” Although telling lies is often a wonderful way to solve problems, it’s also a dick move. Please, i beg you: tell always the truth! Hear me out for one second!

We don’t want to have any trouble in our lives. The only thing we want it to leave our homes as a nice persone and come back in the same way. No one wants to be rude, unkind or arrogant, but that’s the problem: telling the truth in NEVER a bad thing. A bad thing is forcing the world to lie just to hear what we want to hear. This is why we lie and we want other people lie to us. We want always look good, nice, kind and gentle, even if we are not.

Stop telling lies. I’m sick of living in a world where being honest is a guilt and not a quality. Being honest is good in so many ways that you can’t even imagine.

First thing first, you don’t have to make any effort. In our lives we meet a lot of people and we lie to almost all of them, no matter how big those lies are. Can you imagine how hard it is to keep track to every single told lie? I do. I lied a lot in my life and i lot of moment i forgot to have told a lie and i was unmasked. Not a good feeling, trust me! If you tell the truth you don’t have to think about it, because you said the truth. Speaking of mind…

You will feel way much better. I mean, with no lies around, your mind doesn’t have to work harder to think of new lies or to remember what you said whom. You can walk on the street and talking with people with your conscience clean, knowing you have done something good for yourself! If the other are hurt or upset it’s not your business, because you did something good for them and they should thank you. Why?

Because truth is a wonderful teacher. You can learn from failures and from your past, but also from the truth. Think about relationships or in friendship: how many times do we lie just not to create problem in the couple or between our friends? Too much, we lie sometimes even when we say “i love you“. Think about work: how many times we say “we are fine” and “it’s all good“, when it’s not! Yes, maybe telling the truth might hurt other and might force you to quit your job, but nothing is forever. When a door closes, another opens. If someone is not able to handle the truth, this person is not mature enough, my personal opinion!

The truth is also amazing for something even more greater than just being happy: it helps to be better. Let take a repationship as an example: if you don’t love something or something is not very well done or you have to say something, we should say it straight away, without making any afffort to lie! Yes, maybe your partner will be hurt, but then he or she will reaalise that you were right! in this moment that person will be better, because he or she has learnt a lesson and he or she will be able to move on!

Truth is amazing! It might be a hard teacher, i understand, but it’s the only way to be happy and be better!

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