Criticisms make you BETTER!

When you start something, no matter what it is, there will be always two kind of people: those you love what you do and those who don’t. However, it doesn’t matter if someone will love or hate what you do or not, it will come the time where they will tell something no one likes to hear: a criticism. Is it a good or a bad thing?

It depends mostly on how you relate to that. There are only two ways to deal with criticism: reject them or embrace them. The question is: what are you going to do? Because that’s the key point with criticism.

Maybe critics are soft, maybe are pretty hard, sometimes are kindly written, sometimes they get directly straight to the point, sometimes they are very precise, sometimes are more like a general opinion about you or your project. In any case you can, as i said before, pick one side: either reject or embrace them. let’s take the case you don’t like criticism and you reject them

It might be the right move, but also a very risky path to walk on. If you reject a critic you have to be very careful, because everything can turn against you very quickly without any kind of warning. If you reject a criticism make sure that you are right and there’s no way your “opponent” is in the position to response to your rejecton. Because if there’s a little chance for a “counterstrike” it will happen and you might be in trouble. Apart from that, never write or say something in a rude way, because you may be right, but you will be automatically worng in the exact moment you are start to offend your opponent. And you have any idea how bad the storm might be if you act rude against someone else…especially in internet. If you are just a random guy you can still save yourself and the damage are actually not so much, but if you have a blog or your business is based in internet, you can bet that you can lose everything or your damage will be a lot and very big.

Or you can embrace the criticism. I am not talking about the criticisms where they just want to hurt or insult you. I am talking those criticisms that analyse what you do or what you said and they are telling you that you made a mistake, there maybe something to improve and they tell you the reason behind that criticisms. Some of them are useless and they don’t tell you anything you can use to improve. However there are those critics that maybe they are a little bit hard to read, but they enlight you, giving you another point of view about something or an inspiration to talk about something…and maybe that something can allow you or your business to make the step forward you are trying to do.

I’m not saying that you have always read the criticisms and embrace them, because sometimes 90% of them are not right or they don’t get to the point. However, reading or listening all the comment you receive (as long as you can) might be a huge opportunity to improve yourself or to try a different thing. It’s up to you to decide, but sometimes a comment, maybe even a rude one, is more useful than hours or days of brainstorming,

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