Fashion #2: Sundress

I love all the seasons, but summer has got a special place in my heart. During the day at the beach women wears amazing and stunnig bikinis, in every other place, in the evening and at night ladies wears another wonderful clothes i really in love with: the stunning Sundresses! And i am not the only one loving them!

I talk as a man right now and i have to tell you that Sundresses are a wonder for my eyes: arms and legs are exposed, like the decollte sometimes. Which means there’s a lot of skin to scan, love and appreciate a lot!

Sundresses are sexy, because they are that kind of clothes that offer this game of “i see, but i don’t see” that make every man crazy. We men want to see everything. And everyone knows that. The problem is that in Autumn or Winter we men don’t see anything, so we just don’t care too much of what’s beneath the clothes…we still care, but the situation is manageable. In Summer things get much more complicated with the hot weather and sunny days, because we know that sundresses allow us to see a lot, like every clothes in summer, but not what we really want to see. Womes know that and the play with it. And this game is just amazing…torturing, of course, but also funny and amazing!

They are also very easy to use….i know that might sound a little bit weird hearing from a man that sundresses are easy to use, but let me explain. Summer is the season of love. Lots of couple born in the beginning of summer and lots of couple break up right before the end of it. In the meantime, wild things happen. If so much love happened in Winter, the whole thing would be much more complicated, because we would need too much time to get to the “main event”. However, in summer a man needs only one move and the “main event” is right before his eyes. I’m not saying that with sundresses everything is much easier and we become suddendly all Mr. Siffredi, i’m just saying that in the beginning of the game we will not have so much problem. The problem in the main game still remain, but the start is a little bit easier.

To be honest, sundresses are actually pretty handy for women as well and it’s not something obvious when we talk about female fashion. When the days get too hot, they just need to wear only one clothes that covers everything necessary to walk on the street without being observed or, even worse, arrested. More than that it’s made of cotton or some sort of light material, that allows women not to suffer and sweat in summer so much. And, even better, with a sundresses women are also free not to use the bra, something much better than an orgasm. For lot of women the bra is just a way to torture herself, in the summer is even worse and they will do everything in their power not to wear it. Thanks God someone decided to create something nice, cute and especially comfortable for women…at least for once!

Yes, sundresses are, in my opinion, the pinnacle of female fashion!

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