WHAT do we NEED to be HAPPY?

Being happy is a very hard job. Every day you wake up in the morning, but then you know that everything can happen. The danger of losing happiness is right behind the corner. My question is: is there a solution? Can we really be forever happy, no matter what? Well, i think so. Here me out for a second!

Those kind of “tension” caused by the fear of losing the happiness inside us can be very annyiong, especially if you are one of those people who are very connected with the world around you and just a little bit of sadness can cause big problems. I’m not one of those people, thank God for that, but for sure the world is trying everything in its power to push me down as much as it can. But how can we win against the entire world?

Well, in the beginning i always thought that one can be happy only if one is rich and famous. I know, it’s stupid, but i used to think like that when a was younger. I always connected happiness with financial stability. So, the more money i had, the more happier could be. And since the VIP were those with lot of money, i thought that being famous was the way to be happy.

And then i tried different things: youtuber, instagram superstar, facebook star, a blogger, but i failed and my dadness and disappointment grew bigger and bigger at every failure. I was unhappy i hated it and i didn’t know what to do to solve my problem. Then i find out that behind the smiles and “happiness” there was stress, pain, suffering and lot of medications. SInce i fins out the truth about fame and celebrity, i started to see the my goal differenty, realising that the solution cannot be in the fame.

And the solution of my problem was there, right in front of me. The key to be happy is not the journey to be successful, but the appreciation of what we have already achieved or what we have right now. Since i realised it, everything has changed, my goal become something completely different and i have been getting better and better.

I am broke, trust me. I am very, very, very far away from being rich, but i don’t care. Of course i want to make money, because without it we are lost, but i don’t feel the need to work 24/7 just to have a huge bank account. For what? Once we are dead, money will become useless and we will not be in the position to do anything. So what’s the point to destroy our body to make as much money as possible? It’s only a huge waste of time!

I would rather be “poor” and happy than rich and sick. That’s my way of life. There’s way much more important in life to be happy for.

Health is one of those thing. we are healthy and we have the opportunity to be healthy. This is already something to be very grateful and happy for. Millions of millions of people are not able to go to the doctor and they die because of it. I am also grateful that my family is healthy, something crucial in my life. Yes, of course we have our little fights, but i am lucky to still talk with my mom, my dad and my sister…something that for some of us is impossible.

But more important i am loved. My family loves me and i love them. I know that they are there for me if i need it and they are always ready to support me, talk with me and give me advices, even if i don’t ask for it.

Sometimes we look for happiness in places where there’s any. The real happiness is hidden in the little details and in the obvious things in life…we only need to see them and celebrate them. Once we all do, the world will be for sure a happy place!

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