FAIL as much as you can!

You are a singer and your song is not good. You are a blogger and post has only negative comments. You are a youtuber and your videos don’t get the views you expected. You have had put days and lot of nights, lot of effort and maybe you have invested a huge amount of money, but you failed…you failed big time! No matter what you will do, you will fail. Is it so bad to fail amazingly?

No, it’s not. Well, it always depends where you look at the situation. Mentally, failing is bad. Seeing all your dreams, expectations and planes squashed away is never a good felling. I mean no one loves to witness it. Between re-think about the project, planning again and maybe asking for some money is not good. It’s never good. But, just let the entire “feeling thing” apart, what does remain to you? Oh, more than you think!

First things come up in my mind is improvement. There’s a reason why you or your “little baby” failed. For sure something was wrong somewhere, because if everthing was perfect you would have never failed, but here we are. Failure gives you the opportunity to change things and correct what was wrong. Maybe it was you did or you didn’t, it might be something big, maybe just alittle detail, or maybe the “mistake” was never a mistake, but this “little error” in relatioship with the “big picture” was the reason of your mess. There it’s your second chance to improve things, make everything better and learn from it. Speaking of learning.

You have no idea how much you will learn from it. It’s scientifically proved that bad memories will last much longer that the good memories. This failure won’t go away. All the memories will be saved in a little corner of your brain and they wait…they wait until you are about to do the same mistake, because you are gonna do it, and in that moment those memories will come out of nowhere to remember you not to do the same mistake you did last time. You don’t have to process your failure, your brain will do for you and you can’t do anything about it.

Failure shows you the way to the very top. Yeah, success is a wonderful elevator to the top of the montain, but it’s often too fast, you locked inside it and once it goes up you can’t stop it and you will lose a lot of thing, with the risk that you are not ready enough to stay on the top for long. Think about failures as a stairs. It’s way more difficult, you will go much slower, but you can watch around you, being able to stop and see what’s impossible to see in an elevator. Some moments you will go up very fast, sometimes you will be as slow as a snail, but you will improve, you will understand things and you will be better every step you take. So, once you reache the very top you will be good enough to stay there for a very long time, while the other on the elevator will fall down one after the other.

Is there a way to avoid failures? Oh, no. You can plan as much as you want, you can be the most talent person in the world, but you will fail. The question is “how ready are you to embrace failures and deal with it?” It’s only this simple question. FInd your answers and make your choices!

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3 thoughts on “FAIL as much as you can!

  1. Well… if you fall means that you did something in a wrong way. I am not agree with this american philosophy. I have a better one, try to find out or discover how to do things properly, but I do not engourage failure as a teacher or great life experience. I am not a perfectionst but as I saw at people with this kind of mentality, ar still at the fisrt beggining in anything and bankrupt in business.

    1. I didn’t want to encourage failures. I always wanted to say that if a failure happens, it’s not so bad.
      However, thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it!

      1. In Romanian language we have a saying (and I am pretty sure others nationalities could have something similar ), it comes from tailoring and it says: ”Measure twice and cut once”. This is the reason of failure: lack of attention, lack of good informations, lack of judment. Well is not the end of the world to fail but do not repeat it. And Edison was not the coolest one, without Nikola Tesla, Edison could end in banckrupcity or who knows maybe even in the prison for his electricity equipment who were the main cause of fire on ships and buildings. But the advertising for Edison is higher than Nikola Tesla, who worked in Edison Company and fixed all the electrical problems for his equipment. But Tesla who was smarter than Edison, never said: failure as much as you can or !I didn’t failure of 10.000 I was trying to do a better bulb!, and Tesla is a great inventor who open business opportunities to modern economy.
        I also hope you know a little psychology and know how the human subconscious work. If you tell to your subconscious: Fail! It will fail! If you say I will find the sollution, you will do it. So, it is important how to use your affirmations.

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