How much are we RESPONSIBLE?

This a question that i always have problem to find an answer to. I thought it might be an asy post, but it’s not at all, because to make things a little bit difficult, there are people who say that we are always responsible for what we say, those who say that we are never responsible and everyone inbetween. So, who’s right and who’s wrong?

If i say both and none of them are right would you understand me? Well, probably not. Just let me explain.

I don’t know, but i struggle a lot when i have to write something on internet, because i have no idea who i am going to talk to. So, everytime i panic a little bit because i have a fear to say something wrong or hurt anyone. More than that, living a so called “shitstorm” on me, because i accidentaly write something not 100% correct, drives me crazy.

In my opinion? I think that we are responsible for what we say, not for the consequences. I know, maybe some of you are not quite agree with me, but this is my opinion, then you can insult me!

If you have followers, or lot of people read and listen what you say, those people will believe in it, because they trust you that what you say it’s true. Think about kids, for example: they are everywhere in internet and you must be careful that everthing you write doesn’t hurt their little mind and your words are not dangerous, violent or false at all, because the parents are always there to headshot everyone who might hurt their kids’s feelings, being even ready to start a war to destroy you to protect their little innocent child. Even if it’s not, it’s your responsability to check first what you will say or write, because it would be stupid and dangerous to say anything wrong or untruth. So, you must control three times that everything is fine, that your sources are right, that your words are fine and your content is family friendly or at least not dangerous whatsoever. And then you upload it.

After you uploaded your content, or you actually sayd what you wanted to say, your responsability stops there, not because you are a coward, but because you can’t control how the people might react to your words: maybe they can understand, maybe can’t; maybe they can be upset, maybe can’t. I mean, there seven billion people in this world and of course some people will not like it what you have to say, they might be hurt or disappointed. At the end, no matter what you say, there always be someone “against you!”, no matter what topic.

Do you want some example? Ok, let’s play this little game.

#blacklivesmatter. That was something very important in the african-american community. If i had said that i am agree with them, someone would have told me that black people are just B+ people; if i had said that i am not agreed with the #blacklivesmatter movement, people would have said that i was a very bad person. There might be also people who will tell me that i should not write anything about it, because i “did it for the views”.

#LGBTQ Communuity. No matter if you think about this wonderful community, there will always be people against you. If you write or say something against gay, the community itself and those around it would start to fight you; if you say something good about the community, those who hates the communitx will fight you. And there still will be those who will be uspet to you because you “did it only for the views”.

And you can do this little game with every single thing in the world. Even with Guns, penitentiary, education, healthcare… No matter how big or important the topic really is, there always will be two sides: those in favour, those against. And it doesn’t really matter which side you will pick, one side will be against you. And those people will feel hurt, disappointed and upset with you.

You can’t control someone esle’s reaction. The only thing you can control is the consequences: is this topic too much controversial? Is this topic somehow dangerous? How the people think about that?. Once you ask yourself those and maybe other question, you can write your post about that topic or you can just give up with the idea. You can’t predict yout crowd’s reaction before, but you can control what you want to say and you want to say…just to limit the probable damages!

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