if you can, QUIT the JOB and TAKE RISK!

In life will come the point where you just can’t go any further. No matter where or when, for lot of us will come the point where life is just not right. The only problem is that the way out is very hard and impossible…or it’s maybe it is not, but the consequnces might be cathastrophic. The question is: if you had the chance, would you take it?

It’s for sure not an easy question and it’s eve harder to find an answer to it. In my opinion, the very problem is not the decision, but the fear or the unknown and the consequences.

Between family, friend and job we are tested all day long, every single day of our lives. But it has never been in this way. When we finish school and we have our very first job we have big expectation of what our life can become: money, a house, a nice car, holidays, maybe a family with a dog. In the very beginning when you start you are full of energy, hopes and motivation.

Then you start to work and you suddendly realise that the a day in the office doesn’t quite match your expectations. But you still work, because you thing that one day things will change, that it’s only a moment and everything will be fine soon. Then the time passes. Days, weeks, months and even years. One day you wake in the morning, you look yourself in the mirror and you start to realise that life is not how you planned when you started. You are not happy and all of a sudden what for you was ok it’s not anymore. Even worse, you start to think to all the miss opportunity to change your life that you didn’t take, because it was just too risky or you didn’t have the courage to take them. And then anger, lot of doubts and frustration will possess you, getting you very mad.

You are mad because you wake up early, then you are pissed because you missed the train and once you get at work the only thing you do is counting the second from there to the end of your day. In the meantime you hate everything you do, everything it has been said and you can’t stand the people around you anymore. Can you continue in this condition? Of couse not, but you can’t quit the job.

Maybe you have already a family, a house, a car and you take lots of loan from the bank to pay what you have. Can you afford to quit your well-payd job? No, you can’t. Too much on the line and too much people that count on you and on your money. So, you are trapped in the cage you have created for yourself.

In our lives come moments where we have to be brave and take some risks, even fail sometimes. No matter what! I did, it wasn’t easy, but i did! I left a certain job and good money to be happy and free to choose. The beginning was hard and full of uncertainty, fear and doubt. But i had to shake thing in my life to move myself forward. My dad often says that we will see at the very end if we make good choices or not, in the meantime we only have to work hard, love ourselves and be happy! If you had the chance and the opportunity are pretty good, quit and take some risks! You have nothing to lose, but lot to win!

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