Being a Blogger #1: Why?

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but i have the feeling that people thing that being a blogger it’s something easy. Absolutely not! I mean, it’s easier than being a teacher or a doctor, i get that, but if you want to be successful you need lot of energy, lot of ideas, maybe money and, much more important, a reason. And about reason i want to talk about it right now.

Like every single business in this world, you have to start with a passion or with someone you know a lot about. That’s the first reason why you should open a blog. If you want to open a blog and then you will find the direction you wanto to go, you will fail in few weeks and the success you dream of will always be a mirage and a regret for the past. Maybe this way to think might work 15 years ago, where blogs were something unknown or not so much. Now, blogger are a lot, sometimes very specialized and the audience want from you some very specific information, something funny or inspiring depending on the topic you are writing about.

If you think that finding the right topic, your very first step, is an easy tasks, you might be wrong. For some of us the topic is not a problem, because they know exactly what they love the most, for other might be a mission impossible, giving the fact that either they don’t know anything or want to open a blog only because they thing is an easy way to make money and they have no clue what they are going to talk about.

Once you know what will be the topic of your blog, it’s time to relect on the reason why you want to open a blog, because there are many reason to do that.

You can open it because you want to share yout thoughts with other, maybe because you want to connect with other blogger with your same passion or maybe with your blog you want to discuss about thing and learn from the others. As i said, there lot of reason why to be a blogger and open your personal space. One reason, although, is wrong…and it’s money and fame.

If you want to open a blog, because you see on Instragram blogger who earns lot of money and they live a wonderful life, i already advice you not to waste your time with it. All of those successful blogger on Instagram are now successful and rich, because they have started years ago. They had an idea, a passion, they worked hard to make their blog become what it is right now and now all the investments between effort, money and time start to pay off. They didn’t start because they want to become famous! Ten years ago there was no opportunity to be famous with a blog. It was considered a crazy idea. Now everyone can.

So, be careful before to open a blog. If you don’t want to fail, you must have a passion or something you know very well, because it takes very much for internet to forget you forever and very easy for people to destroy, with criticism, what you tried so hard to created.

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