I am approaching my thirthys and like every single people in the world i have baggages. You know, those memories of previous event that have define your life in the past. For some of us are horrible, other want not to see them and other may regret them. Is there any chance we can use them somehow?

The question is always the same: what kind of point of view you decide to choose. That’s the only question that really matter. In my opinion, there are only two ways to see your part: as an enemy or as a friendly teacher. You can’t ignore it, both because it would mean ignorign yourself and because your past won’t disappeat like that. This is not how life goes. So, you have to be courage enough and face the situation in one way (fighting it) or in the other (learn from it). Just assume that you want to fight it.

Oh, good luck with that. Yes, you can fight your past, regret it and you can write another life. You can do that, but what do you want to do with all the emotional baggage you have? Because there are two baggages you have to face: the fact itself and the emotions connected to the fact. Of course you can try to forget “the fact” and you can pretend that those specific things never happened, but how about the feelings. You can’t forget the fellings, i’m sorry. Just think about cheating: you find your partner in bed with someone else. It’s devastating and you choose to locked that memory somewhere in your mind, because it’s too much to handle. It’s understandable. You maybe break up and you want to find a new partner. After a while you find someone. You have fun, it’s all great, you have lot of things in common and one day things get serious again. It’s no more a flirt, but a relationship. You can bet your little butt right now that your emeotions will pop up just like that reminds you of something you wanted to forget forever. And then you have fear, you live again those moment in loop and your world falls apart. There’s the big risk that you screw everything, because you were so “stupid” to fight what you can’t fight.

The Beauty of being alone!Do you want live good with yourself? Be honest! Don’t run away from the bad thing of your past and never try to forget them. There’s only one thing you can do: face it. Take some times for yourself, as much as you need, and process things. It will hurt you, in will be painful. You will change. It will change the way you speak, the way you connect with people and the way you see the world. And in the process you will change multiple times and maybe you will not even realise. But you will. Once you are done with the learning process, your past will no more there as a hard teacher, but as an old friend you can talk with, remembering all those memories with a little smile on your face, knowing that it’s all from the past and have moved on.

Don’t escape from the past, but embrace it. If you want to be happy and in peace with yourself that’s the way. The scars will always there for you, but you know what…scars are kinda sexy!! It means that you are a fighter and a winner. There’s nothing better that a person who is never quits a inner fight and wins them!

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