Being a Blogger #2: Topic!

Once you have really though about and you want to really become a blogger, not it’s time to pick the topic you are going to talk about in your future…at least near future. If you think that the topic will not be a problem, you are wrong…but very wrong!

The things you can talk about are countless. Trust me, there number of the possible topics is huge and the people in internet ready to read what you have to say is also huge. However you might have a problem: you come too late. In life we are never too late, until you are alive, but in the “blogging universe” maybe might too late for you and often it’s not your fault.

The blogging started in 1997 and maybe you were not even born when the blogging movement started. I was 5 years old…just to remind myself that i am getting old pretty fast. However, this is not the moment to be sad!

Just take the case you are 18-years-old and you want to open a blog about food, because you love food and the only thing you want to do is sharing this passion you have with all the other in this world. Can you imagine between 1997 and today how many food blogger started their journey with your same idea? Let me tell you, a lot! Some of them are still open, other have closed and other newcomers will start very soon a food blog like you want to. Why am i talking about the bloggers now?

Because all this bloggers wanted and still want to write something anynone was or is not writing about. If back in the late 90s the internet was pretty empty of blogs and it was very easy to talk about everything without any kind of problem, now things are much more complicated, because now everything was already talked about. The empty spaces of new topic is getting thinner and thinner. Yes, internet is a very huge place and must be out there a little place for you as well, but the question is: how small or big that place will be?

If the place you have is too small, there’s the risk that you can’t have any chance to grow in any direction, destroying maybe all your planes of growth and if the place is too big you have to defend it from other who will want to use that space to start. Not a comfortable situation. However, nothing is completely lost.

No matter how big or small the place will be, in this place there will be potencial follwers you can win. Maybe you can’t become big in few weeks, maybe you will never become big, or maybe you will…i don’t know! But it’s not the point: the point is to find something very specific to talk about, your very little empty space. The more specific the topic, the smaller the spaces, the better. You can’t talk about food, both because it’s a too big topic and second because you will be the same of other bloggers…and there’s nothing worse than being like someone else. Find that topic, and your little space of creativity, that makes you unique, new and fresh. If you are good and if you will be lucky, you will create your loyal fanbase you can base your life on! And maybe, who knows: someone will give up on blogging and your spaces can become a little big bigger…just with hard work and patience you will se!

It will be pretty hard to find that topic, don’t get me wrong, and maybe the topic will not exactly the one you wanted to talk about, but once you find it, everything will be fine and a good point to start!

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