Being a Blogger #3: Is making Money POSSIBLE?

“How much money can someone do with a blog?” This is the question that lot of people inside and also outside the blogging ask themelves. And that’s a woderful question! However, the problem is not “when”, but “if”. The real question is if it is possible to make money from a blog? Well, not exactly.

Think about Chiara Ferragni. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a italian business woman, who in 2009 opened a blog “The Blonde Salad” which, after years or hard work and dedication, now allows her to create a powerful brand (Chiara Ferragni’s Collection), to hired tenths of people, to open several companies and to be the face of lot of campaigns for the most famous brand in the world. All of this hard work makes her possible to earn millions of dollar every years. I’m not joking. With just a blog back in 2009 she actually climbed the montain of success. So, theoretically, you can make lot of money.

There’s only one problem: it doesn’t entirely depend on you. That’s the big problem with a blog…or with every business to be honest. When you are blogger you give up some of your life to someone else: your followers…or at least your future readers. This is the point that people miss to understand.

Once someone opens a blog, this person think that now he or she is in the position to control his or her life once and for all and if things go good or bad is only related of the quality and the quanity of the effort put in the blog. Yes, it’s one side of the truth. We are missing the other side of the truth: internet.

You can be the most talented person in the history, you can write in an amazing way that only Shakespear can be compair to your greatness, you can put every single second of your time and every single dollar (or Euro) you own in this journey, but you can fail as much as i can fail or as much as any other blogger can fail. The truth is that you can’t control the others. More than that, you can’t control internet. Your post might be the most beautiful, inspiring and amazing of all time, but if no one can’t read you, you will fail. More than that, it’s also important to see the trend topic, the time of the year, how good is your internet site and much more other things.

So, can you make money? Yes, you could. I mean, there are for real people who every month receive a payment from Google, for example. But a very few amount of them can really live with a blog and even a smaller amount of those payed blogger can be considered rich. The rest uses the Blog as a second income (you know, money are never enough).

Will you make money? Well, maybe, but It doesn’t depend entirely on you. The idea, the effort, the time and all the necessary thing you have to do, to make your blog great, are only 50% of the entire story, the rest of your story will be written by the other…other you don’t know and you can’t control.

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