Being a Blogger #4: Community.

Once you find a reason, the topic and that money are in the very beginning no problems, one day you will see something amazing: You will see your fanbase come alive! It that just wonderful? Hundreds, thousand or even millions of people who will read your post and they will support you. But how you create you own fanbase?

Just to be clear right now: for me a fanbase is made of people who will read everything you post, they will buy what you offer an tickets if you organize a live event. Those who read once in a year are not for me part of the fanbase.

That’s been said, how can we create a great and active community?

That’s the wonderful question nobody has an answer to. Why? Because it’s different from blogger to blogger. For some blogger everything happens in few months, for other everything will never happen. And even the size of the community is different: for some is just few thousand, for other few millions. Is there any kind of rule that counts for everyone?

Yes, maybe there is. I can tell you everything you want to hear, but the truth is that like money: the creation of a community it’s not entirely in your hand. However, there are things that yopu HAVE to do to try to create a healthy and very supportive community.

Be careful how you talk or write. The key is how you apprach every comment, especially the criticisms, and how you interect with the people interested in you. The kinder you are, the higher are the chances that people will come back to you. Yes, it’s a very exhausting process, because you have to be nice, even if you are not in the mood, but if you are not nice all the time and with everyone you can forget a community that will invest money in you. I’m not saying that you have to say “yes” to everyone, but even if you have to do with an idiot, you have to find a way to say that he’s an idiot, hiding it as a compliment.

Offer what people want and be careful fo the trend. You have two choices: either express youself or make people happy. If you can express yourself and offer that the people want, you are fine, but often it’s not the same. Think about it: you love fashion and gaming is on trend. You know nothing of gaming, but you know that over there you can win lof of followers. What you are going to do? What’s more important: yourself or the statistics? Your happiness is important, but also money are not so bad to have.

Oh, and don’t forget to answer to every comment. That’s the point: people are very impatient. If they write something, they demand an answer in few second. It doesn’t matter it you are dying or you can’t be on computer in that moment. If you don’t answer you will look like a jerk and if you answer too late you look like a lazy person. In both cases people will leave you behind them, because you are not worthy.

It’s a huge effort and lot of phsycology. If you just want traffic on your site, no matter who comes. If you want something permanent, you have to ask something: what do people really want from you? Then, you can plan something. Maybe you will not create your owh fanbase, but if you will, be ready to see something amazing!

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