Italian Food #2: Pizza

In the country i was born people are made of two things: pasta and pizza. Even if you are vegan or vegetarian, you want to eat pizza. It’s something we can’t resist. At least once a month, we have to go to our trusty pizzeria (every italian has a trusty pizzeria to go to) and use our money to be happy. However, outside Italy, too many times italian people had to witness something so horrible that a “the Conjuring” would have been like watching the Avengers Saga. Once and for all, i will teach you how to cook a perfect pizza!

Video from Italia Squisita’s youtube Channel

It’s an italian videos, but there’s is english subtitles. If you want to know how to cook pizza, but a REAL pizza, please follow this videos carefully, because it’s not as easy as you think. Yes, maybe you can thing that pizza is easy, and it might be if you use the right tool, the right ingredient and follow the instruction from the Gods we call “pizzaioli”.

However, there are a couple of thing i would love to tell you as an italian guy.

The first one is just something that makes me angry: restaurants that uses our flag and the name “pizzeria” just to attract more clients. There’s a specific loop in hell for people like them! Only very italian “pizzaioli” are allowed to use the name pizzeria for their logo. If you are turkish just don’t use the words pizza or pizzeria to promote your stupid pizza that looks more like a piadina than a real italian pizza. Do what you can do a let the other cook italian food. I live in Germany and i have travelled in many coutries and it’s all the same: same logo, same colours, same flas, same “shit” they call pizza.

The second problem i have is with all those people who throw everthing they could on the pizza, because it’s tastes good. Between everything i see on top of some pizzas i am very surprised that Italy is not in war with every single country in the world. I mean, “Hawaii Pizza”? Seriously? Please, just stop with it…or if you have to eat it, because for some reason you think it tastes good, don’t offer it in a public place and don’t be proud of it. Pizza is made of just four ingredients: tomato sauce, olive oil, mozzarella, oregano and a couple of basel’ leaves on the top as a decoration. No ham, no mushrooms, no fruits and no other vegetables. To be honest, we in Italy eat pizza with different variations, because we know how to, but if you are not italian and you live outside the best country in the world, just know your role and deal with something easy.

If you, for some weird reason, think that maybe capsicum are a great idea on a pizza, please take a breath and count until one million. If it’s still a good idea, then you don’t deserve to eat something so simple, but in the same time perfect and delicious like a “Pizza Margherita”.

I know, this post might sound a little bit unkind, but i can’t do nothing: it breaks my heart to see all those nightmares called “pizza” when those “things” are everthing else but pizza. Please, before to insult an entire country, think twice, three times if necessary.

Thank you

See ya


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