1st Milestone: 50 likes!

In this specific post i don’t want to talk about food, blogging or any thoughs i have in mind. No, right now i want to use this wonderful opportunity to say thank you!

In just one week i received more than 50 likes on my blog. It’s great. I know there are bloggers who received 50 like on just one post in less that an hour, i know. But those bloggers are online since several years. I started only one week ago!

It’s an encouraging start. The goal is still far, far, far away, but starting like this is a nice motivation to keep going and be better avery single day.

Actually when i started i had only one goal in mind: be happy and let my mind speak. I didn’t and still don’t want to think about follower, contents, likes or whatever other things i should keep an eyes on. In on years let’s see how my blog will look like and how i will be.

I just don’t want to waste more of your precious time! Thank you to let me reach this milestone and i can’t wait for the next 50 likes 🙂 !

With Love


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