Is it GOOD to have a free access to INFORMATIONS?

You have probably no idea what i am talking about. And i can understand you. My question is: is free information a huge demon or the biggest ally we have? In my opinion, it’s both!

Let’s start saying that i love the country i live. Even thinking bigger, i love to live in the free world, where everything is theoretically possible and almost everything is accessable (it depends of course on how much money you have). Every time i wake i know that if i need to know something i can use internet to search my missing information, if i want to read a book i can go to the library and if i want to talk about someone, or i want to hear someone to talk about something, i can do it without any kind of fear for my safety and even my life.

And of course with internet, now we have accesss to a huge amount of informations: between online newspaper and magazine, blogging and social media the opportunity to be informed are infinite and the only thing we need is an internet conncection and patience to find what you need. And, even more amazing than that, it’s all free…or at least it costs us a very small amount of money.

It sounds all amazing, and it might be, but there’s only one little problem: we dont know how to use it. And we have the proof of it every single day.

Just think about conspiracy theories. There’s a conspiracy theory for everything. But why is that? Well, it’s not because we suddenly becomes stupid, but it’s because there too people who talk sometimes too much…and when there’s too much of something is never good. Not because i love the “chinese’s style” to handle with journalist and information, but because when we have too much people who say different opinion about the same thing, we can get easily confused…and when we are confused often we listen the one who things like us, not beause he or she believes in it, but because that person knows what you want to hear, because like you there are other people. And then here we are, watching on tv thousand of people marching on the street, screaming that the world is not how it looks, even if they have no prooves to confirm their theories. And all of this brings me to the second point.

We have no idea what to do with all the information we have available. We read them, but we don’t get deeper and we don’t ask the right questions. Yes, maybe we get deeper on something, but then we ask ourself the following question: is it really true? Basically, we have no idea what we are reading and, since it’s sometimes too complicated or we don’t have all the necessary information to make our own opinion, we get scared and we start to create our own reality, where everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be. Instead of not believing in what we read, we should start to think different: not saying “it’s all false” but “i don’t know it, let me research it”. I am sure that world would be a better place if we only started to think a little bit different.

Information is a huge weapon: it can improve your life and the world around you , but it can also destroy everything we have created so far. It depends on how we use it. In my personal opinion, we should not start to judge things by the way they look, but for how the really are. It costs time, effort and sometimes frustration, but at least we don’t start to portest for every single thing we don’t know!

What do you think? Do you think that we are using information i a good way or not? Let me know!

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