The “Superheroes”: Medical Researcher


In thr 21st Century we can say that we are able to fight and win against most of the known viruses and bacteries in the entire world. Of course there is still things to do, but in most of the countries in this world we can live a healthy life. But why is that? Because there were and are heroes in this world!

And those heroes are the medical researcher. In the history we have has people in this world, who helped us to make the necesssary step to improve. They were not necessarly doctors, but people with the will to know the world better and understand how things really works. Think about the people who understand how brain works and how it controls the human body. It was unbelievable and they helped humanity to make a leap forward. Without the knowledge of blood, cells and organs we would have no idea what to do in case we have a cold, for example.

Just make some step forward in the history and just celebrate those who invented the microscope. Without it, we would have absolutely no idea how a cell looks like and how it comunicate with the veins or with other cells and we would have no idea how viruses works. If there was a man who started to build it, now millions of people would die because of just a flu.

And in the meantime, together with those wonderful people, there were even more wonderful people who decided to dedicate their entire life to teache to other how human body works, creating those telented people that now we call “doctor”. And throughout Centuries now we know how the human body works, we know how to repair it, how it interacts with the world and how it can protect itself from every threat in the world, the big ones or the small ones. Humanity was curious and we still are curious, but maybe some of us in much more curious than the other, helping us to make step forwards and live a better life. However, the medical research is getting “slower”, or at least i have the feeling that it’s not as “aggressive” as it was in the past.

The Only problem is that in the past world was different, on top it was less complicate and less expencive. And that’s the problem. Medical research is not getting slower or useless, but countries have decided to invest money somewhere else (like killing other people, for example). But it’s not only about it. In the past we have everything to discover and every discover, even the smallest one, had a huge impact in our world. Think about the first time we understand viruses. It was maybe a little discover with a huge impact. Now we have not so much to discover, i guess. Maybe we can get deeper in what we know just to know things better, but i don’t thing we are gonna find brand new things, unless something incredible happen.

However medical research is one of the most important things in our society. Without humanity would be right now just a memory.

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