What if #1: What if Jesus was never born?

This world is exactly what it is right now, because some specific events happened. But what if those events never happened? How the world micht be? I love this kind of question and today i would love to see how the world might look like is Jesus never born.

It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, Jesus was and still is one of the most important person in the entire human history. He lived a short life, but he changed our history forever and in unthinkable way. But what if Gabriel had never got Marie pregnant?

The first thing that comes in my mind is the obvious one: the Christianity would not exist today. Which means that two thousand years of history would be completely different. Let’s start from first big moment. In the Roman Empire, because of Christianity, there was a civil war, making the entire Roman Empire instable. Without this war, maybe The Roman Empire might have been able to resist to all the barbarians population that have invaded the Empire, maybe The Roman Empire had never collapsed and maybe it might have last much longer than more than 1000 years, and maybe the Europe would be much different than how today looks like. Who knows!

No Christianity means no crusades, one of the reason why the muslim hate the “free world” so much. Without all this barbarians acts by the european, in name of the Catholic Church, maybe the relationship with the Muslims would not be so horrible. Yeah, maybe this bad relationship were created also because of the american activities in the middle East, but think about it: if Europe never showed interested in Gerusalem and all the so called “holy places”, history would be pretty much different, because Gerusalem was not important for anyone…just another city.

Witches and abjures. For some part of our history, The Catholic Church controlled the world through king and prince all over Europe. Without the Pope and the rest of the Catholic Church, can you just imagine how far and much faster the Science might have discovered things? Can you also imagine how different the role of a woman as a scientist or just a thinker might be today? Maybe even the role of the woman in the entire world might be completel different, because maybe they might be for real in control of the world.

Without Christianity there would be no Christmas and Easter. Those two holidays are related to two big events in History: the birth and the resurrection of Jesus. If Jesus had never born, no 25th of December, no lent and no Easter Eggs. That’s it. Those three moments of the year would be just normal days.

Most important, no massacres, violent acts and abuses of every kind of nature made by European to innocent people in name of God, because God was not something belonged to us. Probably those horrible moment would be happened anyway, at least not in name of someone who actually preach kindness, love and peace…and maybe we might have lived in a world with less lies and more truth.

I don’t know, maybe it might be a better world, or maybe worse, or maybe exactly the same. However it’s cool to think how things might be right now if we could change one specific moment in our history!

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