Being a Blogger #5: Haters.

The goal of a blogger is to communicate and connect with others. The more people you can reach, the better will be your eperience and your journey. However not all the people you will reach will appreciate you. There will be those who will read, but they will criticize you and there will be another kind of people: the haters! My question is: are they so bad?

They are very bad in the way they talk and approach content creators or any other superstars, very good for business. Let’s start from the very bad side.

It’s never good when you open your blog, or your social medias, and what you read is lot of negative comments without any kind of sense. More than that, they are completely useless and very dangerous, because haters doesn’t insult you for waht you offer, but they insult you personally. They attack you maybe because you look different (maybe because you are black or asian, for example), you act different (maybe you are gay and they don’t like that), maybe you are a woman and they don’t like women who use their own brain to think. Those comments are just there without any reason to exists, with the only purpose to destroy us from the inside.

Those comments and those gentlemen are also very dangerous for our menthal health. The news about young people who committed suicide, just because they were hated, were and sadly is not something very new and unusual. We are not the same and we are different: there are people who don’t care about haters and they are very strong and there are ohter who suffer very much just reading only one very bad comment. It’s not rare that content creators struggle with stress, depression and they damage their body with negative thoughts and negative behaviour. Some of those problem are connected to the bad comment they read.

I don’t even understand the reason behing hating. Internet is a free place and we can choose what to follow and what not. I mean, if you don’t like something, just go somewhere else or read something else. What’s the point of insulting someone? It’s just a huge waste of time and energy.

However, haters are very stupid. I know, they are, but not for the reasons you thing. They drop you money. Internet works different than the world itself: the controversy, the hate and the negative thoughts are better than the good side of internet. Because the juicier the dissing, the more people will be attracted. If haters decide that you are in the sights, you will suddenly become a huge black hole for followers and views. In few days, you will get so much followers and views that you can even imagine. And you bank account will be happy. I’m not saying now that haters are useful, because they are not, but since you have to deal with those idiots, why don’t you star to use them for your own good? They are not gonna buy anything, but the advertising in your site will work like never before.

So, yes, being hated sucks. I get that. But since they are here and we have to live with them, why don’t we use for our own goal? So, they are “happy” because they an waste thier lives and we are happy because we can earn money from it. Think about it!

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