The “perfect” Job Interview!

In this world we need to things: money and health. First money, then health…because without money, health is in some country very hard to achieve. And to make money either you find a job or you invent one. Just take the case you want regular job. If you want one, you have to get through the job interview, a very intense, nonsense and weird moment everybody is afraid of. But how to have the perfect interview?

There are tons and tons of blog, books and people who are ready to tell you what to do and not to do in case you have a job interview. Between the way you have to look, what to dress, what say and what not to say, it’s very hard to have some kind of success. I got there so many times with so many companies and my result were very poor. I still have no idea the reason behind my multiple failures, but i know very well how a job interview has to be.

The first thing i hate from a Job interview is the fakeness about it. I just hate that. In Germany, where i live, if you want t a job you have to fake love and appreciation for the company you want to work, even if you have no idea about it. The problem is that companies publishes only what they want and often what we read is only wonderful things and then, once i get the job, you realise that it was a wrong choice, because they lied to us. I know that showing the dark side of the moon would be bad for them, but at least i would know what i am going to sign for.

The mind-tests are also one thing i hate. Why do i have to prove to the company if i have smart enough to solve tricky problems? At the end, what i have to do, is just some data entry, talking with clients or dealing with some daily work problems and those tests have nothing to do with all of this. Companies should base their valuation on something else than my ability to solve thoe useless tests. Give me a test i can prove i am perfect for the job. Test me if i can solve one of the daily task i will have to deal if i get the job.

The dress-code. Suit. tie, fancy shoes, nice haircut, nice parfume, nice beard.. You must look like a model just to have a little chance to convince the intervier to give you a chance to prove your talent. Am i tring to get into a back or in an model agency? I’m ok that you don’t have to look homeless if you want to have a job, but you don’t have to spend lot of money for clothes and shoes that you will use few times and the you will forget in your closet for our entire life…or at least until you don’t have to find a new job. Is it possible to be judged for who we are and not for what we might be? That would be aprreciated.

Oh…the politically correct. All those phrases, smiles, handshakes and thing we have to say if we want to have a chance to make it. God, this is by far the most ridicolous part of the entire interview. None of the people in that room believes in what has been said. Those words, questions, answers and looks come out because they are those things that might help you. You have no idea how many times i lied in a job interview, just because i needed mone. I hated all this fake kindness, appreciation and adhesion to something i have no idea. And i still hate it!

Why do we have to lie and fake all of it? An entrepenuer needs someone and we need money. I get there and i should say “Hi, i know you are looking someone for that position. Well i could be your guy!” In this moment he should propose me a week of testing, and if the week goes well, we sit on thr table, we discuss about mone and all the necessarry things and, if eerything is fine, i get the job. That’s how it should work.

Am i right?

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