Work from HOME: pain or gain?

Apart from Covid-19 pandemic that forces people to stay home, i am wondering, if working from home might be the future of working or only something we do in case of emergency, no matter what kind of emergency might be. Because now lot of us is forced to work from home, but it can be a possible way to change the way we thing of jobs?

In my opinion i think that for many jobs the home office is an absolut gain. Think about to all the people who work in office, no matter what kind of position or responsability they have. What do they need to make their job done? A computer, a telefon, an E-Mail, an internet connection and a digital archiv with all the necessary documents. All this things you can have at home. They are not so heavy or big: a computer and a smartphone. With the technology we have right now, every single person who works in an office can work from home easily.

Of course if you are a mechanic, a doctor or a worker you can’t do that job from home, unless you can control a robot from home….but so far we are not. But for all the rest of people, it’s possible.

Can you imagine if every single clerks stays home and works from there? We might have lot of ghost towns, not because people would live the cities where they live, but because they would not leave their houses. They don’t need it. Streets would be pretty empty, the air quality would be much better and those who need empty roads in the morning, because they have to go to work, they would not waste too much time in the traffic jam. Everything would be fine and everyone would be happy. And talking about happiness…

Staying home means no more rush or stress. Think about if you are a woman. You wake up, make some breakfast and then you can start to work: No need to take off you nice pijamas off, no make-up and no pressure to find the perfect outfit and no fear to face sexual harassement. You can be yourself, in the safest place on Earth and you can make money, just sitting in the bed all day long. Maybe, in the meantime, you can watch your favorite show, if you have time. Can you imagine how much money can you spare if you are home? Between no more tickets for the train, no more tanks for your car and no more lunch in fast food or restaurant you can save lot of money you can invest in yourself.

And if you hve kids it’s even better. If they are sick, you can take care of them and you can react immediately if something happens. I’m not a parents, but knowig that you can work and you can take a look of your kid that he or she’s maybe next to you is a great feeling.

For the worker is something amazing, but not for the bosses, because they have any control of what the employees can do. They don’t trust in the people behind them and they are sometimes control freaks. And for this reason for millions of people an home office will never be reality, but only a wonderful dream!

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