Being a Blogger #6: SEO.

When i started with the blog i had no idea what SEO was and meant. I thought it was only one of those high-teck english names used only by web-designer or those who wokr everytime with computers. Then i realised what it really was and i felt so ignorant. Do you know what the SEO is? Well, you should if you want to create an opportunity to shine!

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimitation” and you are probably starting to understand what i am talking about. If you have an internet page, SEO is one of the things you should take care of…as much as you can.

As soon you have your own page on internet (Online-Shop, Blog, or any other page) you will be on the very last position or you are not even on Google, Bing and all the other search engines. It depend on if Google, Bing, Yahoo are able to read you blog and how much those search engines can really understand what they read. Between your site and Google, for example, takes place very often a little conversation where Google and you sites changes informations, to make ure that if someone write something on Google, Bing or any other search engine, your result could appear. However just a simple comunication is not enough. Now, it’s your turn to do something to help!

And this help consists on to make sure to create a blog, a online shop or a page easy to be read from the search engine and to make sure you are not completely alone. For example with blogger or WordPress or any other hosting, you should be fine with the SEO. However help personally you site is never a bad idea.But how? Well, if you really want to now more specific than this post, i will recommend to start with Wikipedia, just to understand what it is, and then get deeper here or here.

Long story short, being successful on internet doesn’t mean only write something nice, funny or interesting, but also being in the very first page in the search engines, because no one loses time to look any further than page one. And you will never appear in the very first page if you don’t make sure you get there.

There are A LOT of thing you have to take care of and keep an eye on. First thing first is the website looks. How many titles there are in a single page? Is your page written correctly with no mistakes? Are you using images? How big they are? Where are they? And so on…Another important key factors are the description and the keywords. For the search engines is absolutely crucial to perfectly understand what you website is really about. So, it’s important for you to use the description to tell to the search engine what’t your private digital space is really about. And the better you describe it and the better Keywords use, the higher are the probability to be see in the very top and by many people.

Also the link to social media plays a role, if you have links to external contents or sites, if another site uses your link of one of your specific page and if your site is mobile friendly, because nowadays lot of people use smartphone to surf in internet and the less and heavy the site is, the lower the ranking.

Being a blogger doesn’t just mean to write things and share them. That would be nice, but sometimes it’s not like that. It’s also to make sure that your site is high enough in the ranking that people can actually see what you hve to say, because you can be so talent, but if you are always on the last search page, no one will read you.

So, once you want to post something, make sure that it’s all good and your content might be seen by someone else than you!

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