The “Superheroes”: Politician


Yeah, i know what you are thinking: “what the hell have you smoked to say something like that?” No, i’m not high right now and i am not drunk at all. I really believe that Politicians are superheroes, even i they often try to look like assholes. But just keep the people off the post right now and just let’s take a look of the job itself. Poiticians are superheroes!

The question to be answered here is the following one: “What’s politics?” Politics is to make sure that an entire country can live healthy and happy in the long term…in the very long terms. I mean, we are talking here to think about the country in 30, 40 or even maybe 50 years. How the economy might be or might evolve? How the relationship with other countries will be? how the climate will be? How the healthcare will be? How important money will be? Since millions of people are not able to take decisions like that, because logistically it would be very difficult, an entire country decide to delegate few hundreds of people to get the job done and take decision that has to be made.

And politician are paid for it. They sit in the parliament, discuss about the country, how it can be improved and then they vote either a single bill or a huge reform. And every single vote must be made thinking of only one little question: is this bill/reform making my country better?

Few hundreds of people decide the faith of millions. Can you imagine how big the responsability might be? One wrong choice and the consequences might be catastrophic and we have seen few examples over the years: in Italy was the recession in 2008, in Germany was the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and the immigration in 2017 and in England was the Brexit. Why did those thing happen? I don’t know you, but i sometimes have the feeling tht polician today have no idea what to do…and that’s my problem.

The problem i have with politics is that people don’t think that’s not a job, but only an honor, so everyone can do if voted.

Yes, it is an honor and i would be honored to make sure that the country i lead or represent could become the number one country in ther world, but i don’t know how to do it. I mean, i didn’t even lead a company, even a small one in my entire life, how can i think to lead an entire country, with all the weirdness and uniqueness? I just can’t. Politics must be a job and the minister must know what they are doing and saying. We can’t afford to see a kindergarten teacher being the head of the State Department. I don’t care if she was good with kids and some leader act like kids, but it’s not the way we should vote those who will represent us all over the world.

And they must be payd a lot. My philosophy is: the more and bigger the responsability, the higher this person must be paid. If i have to clean the toilet i can’t be paid more than the president of my country. It would be great for me, but not fair at all. I know that private and public can’t be compared due to the kind of money involved and the different game’s rules (money comes from private investment in the private sector and taxes are invested in the public sector), but i think that it’s crazy to think that those who make sure we can have a job, enough money, freedoms, safety, education and heathcare are paid less than a chairman of a private company.

If politics is well-done, it’s the most important job in the world. There’s no higher honour that making sure that your country can be better with you, without you and after you. God bless politician…if they do a good job!

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