Can you make everyone happy?

When you do something in internet (write a post, record a video or share a picture), is it possible to make everyone happy? Is there a topic you can talk about, or a picture you share, that make everyone happy with any kind of critics or hate from other?

No. There’s no topic without critics or hate. Sorry. It would be great if there was one, but it’s only a mirage. And not because of the topic itself, but because of the people. Technically every single topic might be the perfect one….the one where anyone will not spread hate and be happy. The problem is how we approach every single content. Let me explain.

Once you write a post or you record a video about something, you did nothing but expressing your point of view about that specific argument. It might be literally everything: fashion, food, jobs or something else. And you did nothing wrong! The only “guilt” you have is to be yourself and let your mind speak. And this is the problem: no matter what you say, you won’t be good enough for everyone.

Why? Oh, it’s not your fault, the problem is that there are too many heads in this worlds. If it’s amazing for business, it might not good for creativity or freedom. Thousands of people on your youtube channel, Instagram pages or blog mean lot of money in your bank account, but also mean thousand of comments…and in all these comments people tell what they need to say, without thinking about the consequences. Maybe someone will tell you to say something about something else, maybe someone will tell you that your content is just not good, maybe other will tell you that they would have written in another way etc… Seven billion people and seven billions opinion about one single argument.

Your content might be even the most amazing in the enitire history, it might be unassailable because everything you say is 100% the truth and no one can tell you nothing. You should be crowned like the kind of truth and you should receive the key of the world. But you will not. Don’t worry that someone will leave you a comment where he will start to explain why you are wrong and why he or she’s right, or another might comment that you don’t have any right to talk about it or others might say that “you should know your role and shut your mouth!”

No matter where or how you will express yourself, there will be two kind of people: lot of people will follow you, others will still not like you. And it’s good, don’t get me wrong. It’s a free world and everyone must express yourself, even if sometimes it’s not so nice. The only thing you have to do is to make happy those who follow you. Those are your target. Once you have a loyal fanbase, you make sure to make them happy, because they will be share and will interact with your content and they will be those who will spend money on your merchandising, if you have one. And you can be pretty sure that they would love what you have to say. You can’t control what’s outside your universe, but you can make sure that the people who live in it are happy, entertained, aparreciated or at least you have to make sure that their voice is heard. If a haters or someone outside your universe will insult or criticize you, you can’t do nothing about.

Keep writing what you want, make you fanbase happy and everything will be fine! The rest is actually irrelevant!

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