The Perfect Job

There are jobs and jobs…i mean, there are jobs that sucks and jobs we hate. Maybe they are potencial job that might be amazing, but then they become bad for many reason. However there is a question in my mind: is there any change we can get the our “dream job”, the job we might really love? You can probably say that’s impossible, but i don’t think so!

Let’s start from the very beginning: “what do we love the most in a job?” or even better “what do we need from a job to make us happy?” Those questions are very important for all of us to decide what we want to do in our lives. However those questions don’t really matter, even if they should, do they? We have an answers to them, but we don’t do anything to make those answers reality.

Sadly, everytime we try to get a job and we are in the middle of the job interview we don’t care anymore about those questions, because money are much more important than our happiness. And then we get sick, tired and we all the dreams and expectations we had in the very beginning are washed away. But what if we decide to make our dreams come true?

It’s hard, i know, but here’s my point: either you live a very sad life in a job you don’t like or you can close a chapter in your life and chase your dream job. But how a dream job looks like? Well, it’s different from person to person, i know that, but i thing for everyone there are similarities. Let me see if i’m right!

The first thing is the personal satisfation. And i think that it’s the “must” for almost everyone of us. We want to be satistyed in what we do and we want to make sure that also other appreciate what we do. The biggest problem is that no matter where we work, we are not at all or not totally appreciated. Yes, maybe it’s good for a little while, but on the long term is a nightmare, because if we are not appreciated, no one can see our talent and we can’t make a carrer. Even if we don’t want to make a carrer, we are not robot and we want that someone sees our effort and says us “you did a good job!” Is it something so hard to ask? I don’t think so…and if we are not able to get that appreciation from our collegues, we can provide this apprectation for ourselves.

The second thing i have in mind is control. We are in control of everything. Time, effort, money and potencial clients. We control our won destity. If we win or lose is in our hand. We don’t have to hope that someone else make the job correctly or wait for your collegues, because he or she is lazy or not in the building. And we don’t have a schedule made by someone else, like your boss or your manager, but it’s your schedule, your appointment, your deals and no one can tell you nothing.

The thirs is money. All you earn with your hard work is yours. Of course you have to pay taxes from it, but the rest is yours. If you earn millions of dollars, you will have millions of dollars in your bank account. There’s no boss who will become rich with your work and you get only a very little tiny piece of the cake, even if you wark harer than him or her. It’s not fair and it’s very bad in the long terms. I think that if i have to work hard to make money, i want all those money for myself.

Last, but not the least, happiness. There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and be in control of your job, it’s all yours and you decide from your very own destiny. Do you want to take the day off? You can do it. Are you sick? Change your planes or your schedule. You are free to choose and decide and those two things are the most precious thing in life. I thing there’s no better feeling than being free and make money out of it!

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