Being a Blogger #7: Social Media.

Being a blogger is not easy. Between haters, the search of the perfect topic and the SEO there are a lot to think about. Morer than those important aspects, one of the most crucial things to take care of, for lot of blogger, are the social media. Is it really so? I mean, are social media so important? Yes, but not in the way you might think

Being like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez or Chiara Ferragni is something that lot of people dream of: Tons of money, fame, a lot of people ready to sell your soul for you and your merchandising. The question here is: how to make this dream possible?

The easiest answer would be “post your content to social media and see the magic happen!” And it would be true. All the celebrities you adore have started like that, just proposing themselves as “the next big thing”. From there, the only thing they had to do was just work hard, move always forward and make sure to keep safe what they have already achieved. Well, this is the way thing worked out for them, but this is not the way things work. Don’t get me wrong, you can still post your thing and use all the hastags you want, there’s the high chance that you might not be as successful as you had imagine in the very beginning. Why? Well, because it’s not up to you to be famous on social media.

You are maybe missing something and this thing is the other people around you. Just make a little example. You write something on Twitter about the Covid pandemic…something enlighting and never writte before. You are sure that with that Tweet you will become someone. In the same time, for unknown reason, Lebron James write the exact same thing. You will receive 100 like, maybe a couple of comments and shares, Lebron James will receive thousands of shares, reaching hundreds of millions of people, or even billion, which bring to his post hundreds thousand like and comments. In this specific moment the world will thing that Lebron James is the owner of that post. You have lost the race, not because you are stupid, but because you didn’t have so much people share your content.

Social media are great do spread your message…theoretically. In truth, if you are a beginner, the chances to be ignored and not seen at all are pretty high. App and sites like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tweeter and Tik-Tok, just to name few, are just too big and now it’s impossible to become famous with only one content. 10 Years ago it was possible to be famous with just one picture, a tweet or a video, nowadays you need a marketing plane: what to post, when and where to post it, what hastag or tag to use and maybe how much money are necessary to reach people. You are right, once in a while someone get “famous” with just one viral content, but take a look of the amount of active user and especially of the uploaded content every second. It’s more likely that you see a unicorn, eating from a cornucopia at end of the raimbow than becoming famous.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible for you to become someone, but with only your hard work you don’t go so far. You will reach a certain point, but if you want more, you need people who share your content and then must start that “chain effect” where your post is constantly shared until the end of time. Do you know how hard to make this happen? People from different countries, places, cities, mindsets and lives have to see your content and find it worthy to be shared. Trust me, only let other people see your content is already a almost a mission impossible.

Being successful on social media is not in your hands. I mean, you can make sure to create the best post, to post it on the right platform at the right time, but it’s not guarantee of fame. The only thing you have to do is just keep doing what you are doing, love it every single second and work hard to improve yourself. If it’s meant to be, one day you will be “the next big thing” for real. Only time will tell you.

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