Fashion #2: High Heels!


High heels are made fro three things: lying, pain and suffer….if i really have to be honest with you right now, there would be a fourth reason, but i am not gonna tell you, because this is a family friendly blog and one day i want to make money from it. High heels are one of them most sold article in female part of the fashion industry. Ladies, can you explain me why? Why do you wanna suffer?

I mean, i am a man and i don’t know women at all, but can women explain me please what is the mental process that force them to buy something very pretty, expencive that hurt their feet, legs and back pretty often? Probably i am either to naive to get the idea behind it or i am just to stupid (probably both), but here is my point: if i see something in the shop and i know previously that will hurt me very bad, i don’t buy that thing in the first place. In this way i spare myself some very big pain, time to the doctor and i will have some money for something else. This is how a normal and free person should think, but we know that this world is not normal, especially when we talk about woman. That bring me to the very first question: why? Why women have to buy some high hells? I have maybe two answers: either they like them or, more probable, they are forced to.

Now, i don’t wanna say anything about those ladies who love high hells, because there are out there women who don’t go outside without it. It’s a personal choice and maybe not all the women come back home with hurting feet, legs and backs. But for all the others, you should not fell forced to suffer! You are already beautiful, and i really believe that, and you should choose what to wear, but you don’t do it, because you want to look good to men’s eyes. reason?

We men control the world and we decide how the world must be. As a man, those kind of shoes are kinda hot. I don’t even know why, but they make a woman looks sexy. It’s weird, because they are just shoes (and sometimes they are not even shoes, but some leather connected together with some glue and i heel), but there’s no compair between those shoes and skeakers, for example, even if there are very great pair of sneakers in shops. The combo woman with high hells, mini skirt, especially if she’s got crazy long legs, and a shirt is just absolutely the hottest thing ever. It’s like seeing those sexy teachers, secretary and housewives in certain videos…

And we are perverts. So, men want to see also in real life what they see on computer. Yes, basically men sometimes don’t think with the brain, but with other part of the body. Yes, now i get the reason. Women buy those shoes because they want to look cute and to have chance to get the attention of the man they want…and a man get some attention to a woman only if she looks hot…and we all know that hot means look like those naughty and ready to be nasty women in specific movies.

This world sucks…and women have sometimes have to pay the bigger price and make the bigger sacrifices. If you think about it, the high heels are made to make women look decent in the office, cute on a date and maybe give them an opportunity to get naked, because they also want some attention and have some adult fun. Especially in the office or in specific places, women are contractually forced to wear high heels. Men are so stupid, because we don’t care how talented, smart and beautiful a woman is, it’s only about seeing with high heels. So, the question is: are they really important? For me, NO! Not because i want to sound better than other men, but because there are other thing to appreciate in a woman than her feet….like her brain, for example! Sometimes we should be more pragmatic. I don’t need that a pie looks good to eat it, because i know it’s already delicious!

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