Fashion #3: The Useless Make-Up!

In fashion there are different reason why something is sold: maybe because it’s easy to use, it’s necessary, it’s comfortable or it’s sold because women need to hide something. Because i am sure that Make-up is one of those things that women would not use at all, if they had a choice. My question is: is Make-up so essencial?

My personal answer: No. The world’s answer: Yes. Since this is my blog, my space and i am the king around here, let me tell you my reason why using make-up is pretty stupid. We have two different areas we need to talk about: inside the berdroom and outside the bedroom. Let’s start from outside the bedroom.

Once a woman leaves the bed, the world needs that she looks perfect. And everything starts from the kitchen and the sitting room where she and her partner cook and eat breakfast. And that’s the first problem: the relatioship itself. Lot of men demand “indirectly” that his woman must look good everytime, even if she throws trash away. So, those poor ladies, just because they are too in love and they really want to make that relatioship work, do what their men wants: they go to the gym, the wear cute dresses, in worst cases they got plastic surgeries (often more than one) and they try to hide every single little “imperfection” to please their “man” (if we call those beings “men”). Is this love? Or even better, is this worthy to be called a healthy relationship? No, but they have no other choice, because if they don’t wear a Make-Up, they would be alone, because…

…because a woman without make-up is not even able to start a relatioship. How many men would be willing to date a woman without a make-up on? None. Just take a look to all the dating platform online and check all the female profiles. All the women in the picture wears make-up, use filters to look even better and with even less imperfections amd almost everytime they use both, just to make sure to look “decent”. In this way they have a chance that some male users can be interested in what they see. It’s sad, if you think about it. Women are wearing masks to please the men just to try to have an opportunity to live a normal life.

Speaking of normal life…Between the entire society and the workplace woman are forced to hide “what’s not right”, because other people are too sensitive to accept the fact that women have all imperfection that make them unique. It’s crazy to think how high the standards of beauty really are and how bad is the fact that every woman must look like the others, without being able to show all the uniqueness she has to offer. In the Office is even crazier. At the work a person must be judged and appreciated for the talent, knowledge and hard work she or he puts every single day of her or his life. It’s stupid to think that a woman is appreciated only if she looks good, no matter how hard she work and how talent she might be. If she doesn’t look cute, no one would care!

Then let’s talk about inside the bedroom. How stupid an man can be just to think that Make-Up and sex is a good combo. In the adult industry is always a good idea and everything looks good because it meant to look good and be perfect: there are people behind the scene that make the magic possible. In reality Make-Up in sex is pretty useless. I don’t know if you have ever had sex, but this activity involved lot of fluids (you know what i am talking about), viel movement, hot kisses, hairy male body, different position and lot of friction with different materials and objects. Do you really think that the Make-Up can survive? No, it can’t. A woman looks amazing before sex, after sex she will look like a clown. My advice? Any Make-Up. To be honest, a woman’s body give a man lot of parts to be focused on in those moments, the face is for sure not one of those parts.

In my opinion, make up is dangerous, like Push-Ups, because it a huge lie: you thing “to buy” something, then you receive something else. It’s not fair. Women, do you really need an advice from an idiot? Just stop using Make-Up. In this way i, as a man, know exactly what i have to deal with…and you can make sure that jerks don’t come close to you.

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