Being a Blogger #8: Schedule

Have a schedule…something i should do myself too, but i am too lazy to do think about it. However, don’t as stupid as i am, and make sure to think about it since day one. Don’t do the mistake to assume to publish whenever you want, because you will fail! Please, listen to me!

Schedule is a big thing in blogging! Probably in the very beginning you might not care about it, because you will be basically alone against the world, but one day (i really wish sooner than later), you will face reality…and reality is that being a blogger is much harder than may you think. Why is a good schedule so important? The question si directly related to another question: what do you need to do to be a good blogger?

What you need…well, let’s say you have already find a topic to talk aWhat you need…well, let’s say you have already find a topic to talk about (if you haven’t already, you are in big trouble), the next step is to decide what kind of things you want to write and share with the world. Now it’s time to write down all the idea you have in mind, before you lose them…like i often do…not writing down things, but forgetting them (if i were a smart person, now i would now swim in money like Scrooge McDuck).

After you write down everything you have in mind, set some priorities: which argument is for you more important? Which one do you want to push and which one can be written where you have some time free?. If you don’t set priorities you can easily lose control or any kind of overview about what you already did, what you are doing and what you are gonna do. Trust me, chaos is no bueno when we talk about an activity where be neat and precise is a must.

Once you wrote on paper what you want to say in the next months, it’s time to decide how often and when to publish, because it’s crucial for your successful. I, personally, don’t do it, because i am an idiot, but i should schedule my posts. The reasons are basically two: create some time for you and get used your fans to your offer.

Being a blogger is a full time activity…not immediately since day one, but if you are lucky enough to have followers, you need to start to think of new things, something fresh that can make your followers happy, curios and interested again in your blog. You know, after months of reading the same thing, it’s nice to have simething new or different. To do that, you need time away from your blog that, in the meantime, will run for itself through social media or search engine index. For that reason is important to schedule your posts: in this way you can decide when to work and taake some rest. In a long term is not good to work 24/7, 365 a year. You can do that in the beginning, because you want to make sure that people see your content, but then it’s dangerous. Especially if you have family, having some time for you is important…so, be sure that your schedule is full, but not insane. 3 Post a week are enough.

Another reason to schedule is your fans. People doesn’t want to stay all day with the phone in the hand waiting for your contents. It’s not nice. If you schedule, for example, your posts to be published every day, from Monday to Friday at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, everyone in your fanbase knows that they don’t have to stay all morning long in front of a screen to wait a post that will not be out until 3 PM. It’s a psycological thing: your fans know that when they come back home they will have something new from you and, more than that, they have no “fear” to lose something, because they know that you post only at 3 PM, not before.

if you schedule your activity, you will be mentally healthy and you fans will be happy. Think about it!

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