Fashion #4: The Angelic and Demoniac Female Underwear.

I love clothes. I love even more having much money to spend in shopping. However the choice of male clothes is pretty limited and it’s even more limited whe we talk about underwear: either boxes or slips. Another story is for women: they are spoiled for choice. But for some clothes, women pays both the beauty, but also they pay for pain. And underwear is a perfect example. Why?

I’m pretty sure that the person who invented the underwear was an angel and a demon at the same time. Let’s start from the good side of the story.

There are different kind of breasts: different sizes, different forms and different thoughness. This is the reason why we men loves boobs: every woman we sleep with is a different situation, surprise and bring with her different challenges. More than that, we loce to collect much boobs as possible. Anyway, this is not the post to celebrate the second most beautiful thing in the universe.

The problem with natural breasts is that it moves at every step. No matter if a woman walks, runs, dances, jumps or just moves herself, boobs will move accordingly. Now, as a man there’s nothing better than a couple of bouncing boobs in front of my face, but i understand that can provoke some pain and uncomfort in a woman. So, women use the bra to keet those two little devils where they suppost to, making sure that they don’t move all over the place. And the bra is even more important if you practice sport or you are a player in some team. If you practice sport you need to make sure to feel comfortable with your body and you don’t have to think about your moving breast or, even worse, you can’t suffer from pain due to your generous breast bouncing up and down. Already the breast is a problem because of pervert men, who look at those like they have just seen the hol grail, women doesn’t want to create others problem when they can avoid them. They have to deal already with hurting breast during the period, they don’t need any more pain in their lives.

The panties are the second half of the underwear. These are not so important because they keep everything in the right place, they are not men, but they are crucial for their higiene. During the period, women use sometimes sanitaly napkin and they must be attached to the panties, to make sure they can work in the right way. Without panties, it would a disaster, trust me!

Until that moment, the creators of underwear was a genius, but her or she decided to put a twist in the history, turning something so cool is something so bad. The problem? sometime underwear can be very annoying. Think about it: it’s sommer, very hot and women sweat as men do. They try to wear a t-shirt or a nice cute dress and they realise something: those clothes are pretty transparent and people can see through pretty clear. So, just to avoid comments and perverts looks, they are forces to wear bras to make sure that everything is covered. No matter what material are bras made of, with the sweat and the hot temperature, the feelings are not actually very amazing. But they have to get throguh until they get home. And if they have also high heels on, because they have to wear them for work, that day might be a nightmare.

This paragraph is only a male, personal thing. I want to talk about push-ups. Women, why do you lie to us? I get that if you want to conquer the man you want, you want to something more on your breast to look a little more appealing, but once you get naked we will realise that you lied. It’s not nice seeing one thing and having another in our hands…if you know what i mean. I want the truth, even if the truth means that you are not as generous as you want to be. Trust me, boobs size doesn’t count too much: a man focuses his attention to something else…something much more precious. Boobs are like the decoration of a wonderful painting, nothing more than that. Yes, we can play with them, but in the end the target is different.

Oh, one last thing: lingerie. I know that looks good, but if you want to use it to sleep with the man of your dream, please don’t. I mean, you might look cute, but if you have no idea what to do with a man is useless. More than that, during sex you will get naked and man sometimes are so excited that doesn’t even care what you wear, they just want to have you. Spare money and live sexuality much easier.

Yes, who created female underwear has decided to procect women from pain, but also to torture both side of humanity just for fun. Sadistic angel!

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