What does being a woman mean?

I am a man, so that’s a little bit pretentious, but i want to try to understand what being a woman really means. Because we say often that “women are beautiful”, “without women there would not be humanity!” and other thing like that. However, the question now is: is there something more under the surface?

Yes, the rethoric is almost right: without women, humanity would have not been able to survive…but also without men humanity would be extinct right now, because you need both parts to create another generation.

The big problem i have with the rethoric is the fact that women are seen as something divine, just because they get pregnant. Are they really so? Are women really goddesses? NO, they are not. They are not goddesses at all, sometimes they are not even human being, but the society (controlled and led by men) make sure that women are see in this way, even if they are not.

Since the male rethoric is just trash, i am wondering what being a woman really means? Just let me imagine a normal day of a your woman, who’s working and have maybe alread a family. What does this woman need?

Let’s start saying that this woman must be a warriors. I don’t even want to start to talk about pregnancy, birth and period. This is physical pain that one day will be gone. There’s even much worse pain than that, a pain that doesn’t go away even if she tries to…and this pain is the fact the she’s always treated like B+ players, objects and nothing to get serious. Do you have any idea how frustrated, annoying, sad and humiliating it is to be considered “just a woman” and nothing more? Women have to work hard twice just to have a chance to compete with men and four time harder if they want to be the best, they have to prove every single time their talent and competences, even if they work in a company since years, and they must be the play both parts of the family, because men doesn’t want to take any kind of responsability.

This woman must be as strong as a rock. Every single human being is fragile and one day, doesn’t matter if you are a man and a woman, brakes in pieces. It doesn’t matter what you see, no woman is indestructible. You maybe need more time to destroy her, but you will one day, if you work hard enoguh to make sure that happens. And it seems that men are actually only interested in breaking every woman in pieces with blocking her career chances at work, letting her down, abandoning her or abusing her in the family. If, for men, those things are something away from our lives, lot of women have to deal with all of these misbehaviours or sexual harassements. But life must go on! They can’t stay home and cry, even if the would, but they can’t, because they know that they can’t show any kind of weakness, otherwise it’s all over. So, they turn in to “bitches” or in an hard woman who cares only of herself, not because they want to, but because they need to.

She must be a chameleon. Even if we are in the 21st Century and we thing to have made huge step forwards, we still live in the middle age, where women have to please men, just to have a chance to shine. And i am not talking about sexually (not only sexually), but also they have to be and do everything necessary to make men happy. Don’t you believe me? Why do you think women wear a make-up, wear those dresses and talk in that way? Because they don’t want lose what they have achieved, no matter what it is, and they don’t want to feel judged by cave men. For this reason, they change, they adapt and try to “please” men to make sure to look nice and funny to avoid any kind of trouble. And this happens both at work, but especially in the family…and if you thing that i’m saying there’s no trouble for women in their lives, you should read that: “Violence Against Women Prevalence Estimates, 2018

For every woman this world is either and battlefield or a living hell…for some of them is even both. If it’s only a battelfield, women have to fight against men and other women who want to protect what they already have. If it’s a living hell, the fight is aganist men and all the demons in their head…and if it’s both, i don’t think that the fight will last for long…and i don’t even think that the woman will win the fight.

Men, if you really think women are goddesses, you should start treat them in this way, otherwise it’s a huge lie and you should stop saying stupid things like that.

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