Are Social Media that bad?

In the 90s internet was something common, but very slow. I was there and i remember that. If we had to surf in internet, no one could call us. Aliens could invade the world and you didn’t know it. Then, in the early 2000, due to improved internet speed, new site came alive, new forums were created to discuss about everything, and the first social media like Youtube and Facebook were introduced to the world. Since that moment, the world changed forever. But what if no one thought about it?

Lot of people and celebrities would have said that the world without sLot of people and celebrities would say that the world without social medias would be way much better than it is right now. And all those people are hypocrite. They make huge money with social media, they should thank them for giving them the celebrity the have right now, but they say that the world would be better. Are they serious?

Social media did nothing wrong. The only thing they did was just opened the Pandora’s box. If you really thought that the world was a better place without social media, you are wrong: people were already mean, rude and violent. The only different is that now we have given them the opportunity to share all this rudeness in one place…or multiple places. But people talked, people insulted and people were unkind way before social media. If you are not convinced, just learn history in the school, then tell me!

If you also think that social media is making us look like zombies, idiots aIf you also think that social media is making us look like zombies, idiots and no more able to think properly, you are wrong again. Now we have Youtube, Instagram and Tik-Tok, before it was the television responsible for our stupidity. TV in the 90s was like smartphone today: people sit on thier couches all day long, making sure to destroy every single brain cells….like we do right now. Nothing has changed, apparently.

Think about a world without social media. You wake up one day and in your phone all the apps are gone. Do you think it’s a good thing? Well, it’s not for many reason.

First thing first, with social media we are able to know everything around the world. All the news are one click away and completely free. Do you want to know what happens in the United State, Japan, Australia or Europe? Well, You just need to look for the right account and follow it. Since that moment, you will have all the news in the same moment that those happens and completely free. Do you have any idea how much money and time we needed to invest before social media to have the same informations? Speaking of informations…

Now you know what’s right or wrong…at least you should nowadays! Fake news don’t have any room to be treated like real. As soon as one posts something false, wrong or untruth on social media, but it might be true, people start to dig into the news and they will find out if it’s a fake news or not, they will share the result of their researches (sometime either in a very rude or in a funny way), which helps you to stay away from bad information. Donald Trump was a perfect example: how many fake news did he posted on Twitter? Too much and Twitter itself, and also Facebook, blocked his account forever. Without social media, i don’t know if we would have been in the position to unmasked all the lies he told us…maybe yes, but how much time we would have needed to do that?

The otheThe other reason is business. If you have a business, no matter how this business looks like, you need social media like a human being needs oxigen to survive. Why? Because social media are just better. All of a sudden social media bring people all over the world all together…i am not kidding: for example, you are on Twitter in the same time someone on the other side of the world is on Twitter. If you think about it, only twenty-years ago something like that was only in Sci-Fi movies. If a business, before social media, was able, with only one advertising, to talk with only people in one country, now the entire world is there, ready to see and hear what it has to offer. More than that, Marketing campaign got much cheapier. If you want a spot on television, you have to pay to the TV or radio channel and then you have to create your spot. It can cost even millions of dollars (like the superbowl’s half-time). With one tenth of the investment, you can reach the same millions of people on social media, maybe even more, and you need maybe just one foto, maybe a short video and the right hastags. With social media you have the potencial to reach people all over the world…and with the E-Commerce you can send your products all over the world. Without it? Well, the campaign would be much slower, less effective and much more expencive.

I lived in a world without social media. It was funny, because i was young. If i had a company, it would have been complicated to let my business grow. Now it’s everything easier, trust me! I’m glad social media were invented.

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