I Love Winter

Some loves it, other hates it, but winter is a wonderful season. The atmosphere, the lights, the romance in the air put everything on another level. Trust me, read my post, then i am sure you will love it!

Winter is cold. I live in Germany and the cities are freaking cold in winter. But you know what? It’s a lovely time. Wearing warm clothes, felling cuddled by the warm of the wool of your pullover, coat, scarf, gloves and hat, while you are walking around the city during a cloudy day, with low light, a nice breeze that caress your cold skin, bringing some of the last dancing leaves and that feeling of a sleepy world with. I mean, there’s nothing more romantic than that!

Speaking of romance. Lot of winter days are wet, maybr rainy, cold and doesn’t really help you to wake up in the morning…especially in a lazy Sunday Afternoon. In those days you can really appreciate the sweetness and the magic that winter can bring with. There’s nothing better than drinking a cup of hot chocolate, still wearing pajamas, under a blanket with the cuddles and caresses from the one you love next to you. I mean, is there anything else more romantic than this? I bet you won’t find something more romantic!

The sunny days in winter are great. It’s still cold, but the sun, shining on a blue sky with no clouds, tries to make you warm you a little bit. And you are there…maybe at home watching on your window, or in the middle of a lawn, sit on a bench with nothing else than you and a tired sun, that still tries to make you feel good, even if the sun doesn’t have so much energies. Sunny days in winter are a wonderful, because they give happiness due to the sunlight, but they are also sad, because you know that summer is just a cute and nice memories and you can’t do much because the days are short and the temperatures pretty low. However you fell somehow glad that the sun is there and you enjoy this happy sadness in the air.

Winter is white. How cool when it snows! The entire city is white, doesn’t matter if it’s a sidewalks, a parked car, a roof, a train station, a traffic light. Everything is white…even the street are white, if there’s no traffic! Snow is probably the best toy you can have: it’s free, there’s a lot of it and you can do whatever you want! I mean, you can play snowballs, you can make the snowman, you can make snowangels, or you can just walk and enjoy a unique view of your city…a view that only the winter can give you. And it’s even more beautiful to see the snow falling from the sky. It’s gentle, but it will be unrelenting and it will cover everthing…even you, if it snows a lot and you stay out long enough.

Winter is white, but it’s also Christmas. There’s no better time of the year than Christmas. The presents, the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, the songs, the colours, the lights, the food…Oh my God, it’s perfect! And if it snows on Christmas day it’s the perfection.

I love winter…and i am sure that now you love winter a little bit more!

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