The perfect Relationship #3: The first Kiss

The first date is gone, it went well, and you keep meeting him or her over and over again. You have a wonderful time and something in you starts to grow…and it’s not what you re thinking, you little perv! I am talking about your feeling for the person you have been meeting: you want him or her and you want to share your emotion with one move…a kiss. But how? How to kiss someone without destroyin the good vibes?

the first date: people use to give too much importance of it. It’s not a big deal. “Hitch”, the movies with Will Smith, says that the majority of the woman based the quality of the relatioship on the first kiss and somehow they think to know what they need to know from it. I don’t think so. Women are much more wiser than that. No one is so stupid to base an entire potencial furure relationship on a kiss…it’s like deciding to close the deal with someone only judging by the shoes he or she’s wearing.

The first kiss is not a big deal…the big deal are the emotions involved in it. That’s the crucial part of the entire situation. Just be objective for a minute and analyse the first kiss without emotion. It’s all about two people who in a weirdly and funny way try to kiss someone else, because they have no idea how to do it properly. They don’t know each other so well, but their emotion are just too strong to keep inside them and they need to show how much they like each other. It’s something instinctive that tells the other “you know, i really like you!”.

With the first kiss starts something deeper than just a crush. When you meet a woman, you are just curious in the first place, then the more you meet her, the bigger gets the emotions and at certain point they will be so strong that you have to share with the person you have in front of you. You like it or not, there’n now a bond between you two that can become something deeper and much more important every time you spend some time with him or her.

That’s the importance of the first kiss…not the kiss itself, but the message you deliver: “i want you”, “i’m ready for something serious!” and “i really care about you!” Probably for lot of us men is just a kiss, just to say “oh, i just made out with that hot woman!”, but for women it’s a little bit more than that, because they care about certain things. Once they have emotion for someone, it’s hard for them to get over with, and once they kiss thier crush for the first time, for them it’s the beginning of a relationship.

Maybe the first kiss might be embarassing, weird and exactly not the best kiss you can give to a woman (trust me, after the first kiss, the other kisses will be way mich better), but it’s not important. If your kiss will not so good, just don’t make it a big deal out of it. What’s important are the emotions connected and the deeper and stronger they are, the more beautiful the first kiss will be.

So, just stop thinking too much and enjoy the moment.

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