What does being a man mean?

Uhm… things are about to get funny and interesting…for me. I’m a man, i’m not a woman, so i know things…and if you are a woman you won’t like what i am going to say at all. This post will be pretty funny if you have a penis between your legs, very sad and annoying for the rest of the world.

Being a man is amazing. And i can close the post right now. There’s no other words to describe a man’s life…How could you describe a world where you are able to do everything and the only way you screw thing is because you are not good enough….unless you are gay, in that case the world is so stupid that decides to destroy you. Otherwise it’s kinda dope to be a man. Let’s start from work.

Working as a man is normal…i don’t even know how to describe it better. I mean, we go to work nicely, with no fear or problem whatsoever, no abuses, no harassment, less mobbing than women, freedom everywhere and endless opportunity to make a successful career. This is not anything amazing. It’s just normal life as it supposes to be for every single human being, but this world is not normal, so the only men can enjoy normality.

Relationship is something also great. We find a woman, we get together, we have a lot of sex, we marry her, we got children and the job for us pretty done. No pregnancy, no “obligation” from the society to stay home to take care of the children, we have almost always the funny part. Yes, we maybe sometimes change diaper or we wake up in the middle of the night to make the kids go to sleep, but more we don’t do much more than that. Even when we get divorced things are easy for us: we only pay money to the mother, because she got the children, and we are theoretically free to start meeting women the day right after the divorce. Speaking of women…

Can we talk about the “stallion” theory? Probably is something you have no idea, i probably just made it up, but here is the thing: once a man is single, the more sex he has, the more respected he will be. There are people or places in this world that think that men are not men if they don’t have sex at least a dozen times with dozen of different women. Can you think a woman can do that? Yes, but what the world would think about them?

Even society protects us. No sexual harassement, no people on the street look at us in a weird way, no rude people who ask for our number or no people on social media asking for some sex, nude picture or just insult us for no reason at all. We can do averything we want, even the grossest and unkindest thing, we can say whatever we want and we are basically free to express ourselves.

Men’s life is amazing. We have already everything and if we want something we don’t have nothing else than ask or have a minimal effort to achieve it. I would never EVER change it for anything.

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