2nd Milestone: 100 Likes!

One hundred likes…It’s not that bad after all, let me tell you. I’m not making a bad job after all. When i started my blog two weeks ago i was sure that right now i would have been still completely alone and i would have written only for myself. It’s still like that (i mean, i’m not the biggest blog of all time), because i don’t have a huge fanbase, but once in a while someone comes here, read what i have to say and they left a like. And it’s not bat at all!

I haven’t opened this blog for money (well, not only for money), but i did it also because i wanted to express myself freely and there’s no better place than internet: it’s free and a potencial audience of seven billion people. Let’s just say it’s a bet with myself: if i will have followers, i will have won, otherwise i will still doing this, nothing will change, because money were not a priority.

However it feels good to be appreciated and realise that i’m not so bad in wiritng after all. I know that i have to improve a lot, but if one has the motivation and the appreciation from someone esle to keep going, one does all the necessary steps with joy and much more energy!

With this post i just wanted to thank you! No matter if you follow me or you are random person who randomly came to my blog. if you left a like on one of my post i have to thank you! It was very nice of you to spot by, invest few minutes of your life and appreaciate what i had to say!

I am sure that this is only the beginning of something big. If you continue to support me, we can create something special, unique and amazing! We can do it!

See ya


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