Christmas Time #1: Christmas Feelings

Once December comes, the kid inside me start to take control of my body and for the entire month i see the world as a nine-years-old kid, because we know that december means something specific: Christmas.

If you hate Christmas, you are not a human being. How can you hate the BEST time of the year? I don’t care at all if it’s only about spending money and eating as much as we can in just three days. I will still love Christmas like men love the Combo Beer and football.

I don’t know, but Christmas is that time of the year where my heart is full of joy, love, happiness and kindness. It’s crazy how my mood suddenly changes as soon the 1st of Demeber comes and in the radio Mariah Carey is played. Until the end of November i can be mad, sad or a little bit pissed, but once December comes i turn into the innocent kid i was back in the day.

Let’s start from the bigger picture: the weather. We are talking about winter, the most romantic season of the year. If Christmans was in Summer (like in Australia), that would not be the same. I mean, i could not imagine a Christman on the beach, while i surfing on the ocean waves with a very hot temperature, sunny day and no louds in the sky. That would not be the same… i mean it’s still Christmans, i get that, but it’s not the Christmas i’m love with. Cold, weather, short days and the snow make everything different, more special and worthy to be lived every year. As soon as the summer stops, the first thing i do is counting the day that divide the 21st of Semptember from 25th of December.

The lights. We are talking about Christman, the time of the year where people, society, shopping mall spend every single penny they have in their bank account for electrity. But you know what? Who cares! For at least once in a year just enjoy the moment. And my eyes enjoy what they see. There are Christmas lights everywhere: on the streets, in every houses, in every building. All of a sudden the world, at least the Christian side of the world is coloured by red, with, green, gold and silver.

And the smell in the air. When i am at home, me and my family cook together christmas buiscits and all the typical christman food (at least my mom and my sister do that, me and my dad watch behind them, because we are clumsy). It’s hard to describe the smell of Christmas…you know what? There’s a way: you can smell it perfetly on the Christmas market. I don’t know if in your place something like that happens, but in Germany every big city organizes this market where you can buy decoration and you can eat and also buy Chritsmas food. If you have the opportnuity to get there, please do and smell the flavour of Christmas. And if you go there in the evening the lights and the smell in the air will give you this magical feeling where you will forget every single problem in your life, enjoying the magic of Christmas.

I love Christmas time. And like me, many other millions of people love it. It’s moment in the year where everything is perfect!

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