The “Influencer” Chiara Ferragni.

I know that this headline sound a little too obvious, but i can’t actually better describe THE BEST INFLUENCER on Instagram…because the number of followers is not everything on business, what’s important is how they interact and parteciate. But who in the hell is CHiara Ferragni?

For those who has no idea who this smart and talented woman is, let me explain you: she’s exactly what everyone in internet want to be. She’s very intelligent, she knows how to create, develop and change business, she’s a business woman, a full-time mother and wife and she’s an absolutely beauty. Oh, and she’s f***ing rich, but in this post i am not talk about it, both because it’s not my problem if she’s wealthy and because those are not public money.

Why am i talking about her? Because she used to be a blogger, like you and me…many, many, many yearg ago, but she was a young lady who posted things on her private digital space. You know, saying right now that Chiara Ferragni was in 2009 a blogger sounds weird: it’t like saying that Schumacher used to drive go-kart in Kerpen in the 80s. Yes, someone must start somehow, but it’s crazy to think where she started and looking at her in the present. It seems like ages ago.

What kind of bloggerin was she? Do you want to know the truth? I have no idea. Honeslty, in 2009 i was too young and not crazy enough to open a blog and to follow the blogging world. I have been spending weeks trying so desperetly to read her first posts, but there’s no trace at all. It seems that she decided to cancelled everything…or internet has just swallowed everything. I will never know. For what i read, but i don’t trust those sources too much, she was used to post about fashion, travelling, photography and lifestyle. But, as i said, i’m not sure! Chiara, if you will read this post, but i doubt it, can i please read them? I am just too curios!

Since the first post, there was another one, then another one and go on. I don’t care about the posts whatsoever, both because i didn’t have read them and because post are something personal: you can like it ot not. It ‘s all about personal tastes. What’s not personal, however, are the awards she won since 2009. This is an exctrat from her Wikipedia pages:

On 7 September 2014, she won a Bloglovin’ Award for the third consecutive year for her blog. Her blog was named the Best Personal Style blog. Since 2013 she has been listed in Business of Fashion‘s 500 most influential fashion people. In 2015, Ferragni won the Bloglovin’ Award for Blogger of the Year. In 2015 Ferragni was listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30. In 2016 Pantene named her its global ambassador and also gave her a Footwear News Achievement Award.

Chiara Ferragni – Wikipedia

Basically in 2012 she said “you know what? It’s time to show those bitches how things work around here!” and since then she started to mentally destroy everything single fashion blogger, who tried to compete with her, winning every single possible awards she could possible win. I am sure she got a room full of trophies she walks in every day, just to celebrate herself and her greatness. I would do it…naked, playing the helicopter with my penis with a very satisfied face while walking in the room.

What’s Chiara right now? She’ everything i want and don’t want to be. I want to be in the position to live my life with my blog and start to create something bigger (Like she did with her blog “The Blonde Salad” and with her own Company “Chiara Ferragni Collection“), i want to have plenty of money and the opportunity to work with the greatest brand in the world, but i don’t want to be the center of every shitstorm on social media. I don’t want to see people insulting me on social media for everything i do and i don’t want to read any kind of fasle news about me on newspaper and magazine…even big ones.

Oh, and she’s the greatest influencer in th world. Maybe she’s not the most followed person on Instagram, i know, but if a company needs to launch something, or if it needs a public face to improve the number, she’s the one every company is gonna call. I mean, 25 millions and very active followers are not a tiny community…

I personally admire her. Despite everything and everyone she was able to make her dreams come true and make her blood, sweat and tears paid off now. I don’t know if one day i will become like her, but i appreciate people who work hard and make it to the very top!

Brava Chiara!

See ya


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